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  1. I'm another who'd suggest a field spaniel. As an owner of one of 2 years. I researched all spaniel types, I had specific desires in a dog. My girl loves to shadow me or other family members, she comes to work with me and can switch off quite well - however this has been a process and has come with maturity. If I had more time (I work full time and have 2 kids, 4 and 1) I would be doing dog sports with her. Her family members have been successful in flyball, agility, lure coursing, endurance trials, pack dog trials, possibly nose works as well? Cant confirm. But I know my girl woul
  2. Coming out of DOL-hiberation to agree that this is how i've certainly felt all along. Smelt a bit fishy
  3. Update: over the course of the day, and with a bit of input from here she's going with a non local guy who has glowing recommendations and ticks all the boxes. My fur neice will be coming home in the new year.
  4. Thanks guys. I've just told her to ask about socialisation, and she's let me know that she likely won't go with the local breeder after chatting with the other couple of guys. I always fear that it's just scaremongering when a breeder talks badly about another but some things ring alarm bells for me too. I also told her last night that HD is very much not 100% genetic and environmental factors can play a part. She'll be getting a run down on appropriate exercise from me for sure, although that chart is excellent Roova! I need that for my puppy pre school
  5. Hi all, this question is not for myself, but my sister (who i've brought to the light side of reputable breeders and registered dogs) she's after a black lab girl, our old girl (as in family dog) passed away in January and she now wants her own lab. She's been talking to some local breeders and had just about narrowed it down but then had contacted some further afield due to an issue with one pup that was on the ground at the local breeder she had chosen, and is now confused again. The issue with the local pup is, I dare say, minor and not a problem with the breeder's dogs but my sister and
  6. A dozen for $64.95 sounds extreme. We (a competing chain) sell 10 for $20, there is no shortage of pig ears, there is on roo tendons however.
  7. Im in Coffs Harbour, i just asked a friend from the dog club and apparently we may be having a seminar soon, i mustn't be the only one keen.
  8. I'm really interested in the idea of Nosework, for Cleo and for my future pup. Being in a regional town, I'm probably best off doing an online course like Fenzi I'm guessing? I'd love to teach this in my puppy school classes to a degree, I'm always harping on about enrichment, entertainment, keeping brains active.
  9. Kaos is taller than that at 57cm! Hmmm, OK, I guess he is a BIG Kelpie :laugh: Cleo's a little girl :) very dainty and cat like! That's withers too, not head height
  10. Is it a dalmatian? Strangely, I am always asked that. I'm not aware of many other black and white spotted dogs who look EXACTLY like the dogs in 101 dalmatians. Guess people just want to be sure! My grandma insisted that the dallies would be HUGE. Nope, 20kgs and 55cm high.
  11. Maybe investigate Field Spaniels? A rare breed, but one that I discovered and have fallen for. I wanted a spaniel look like a cocker, but was a bit put off by the cockers I've met. So next we looked at the CKCS but the health aspect was very off putting (especially having a breed already that is pre-disposed to bladder stones) so I looked further and found Fields. They ticked all my boxes, are a bit bigger than cockers but having seen them in person, it's not too big (for me). They are relatively healthy, need a bit of grooming and are active enough (I personally have a dalmatian, so I'm us
  12. We sell Big Dog BARF at my work, and it's gaining popularity at a very fast rate! We do recommend it to customers as a better alternative to tinned food, less fillers and all that. I've used them on and off over the years, personally don't have an issue with them. I actually find the process of defrosting them, cutting the plastic and flipping them into the dog bowl easier than cutting a section off a dog roll (just used the Prime 100 SPD for the first time, that one was OK!) but that's because I find the dog rolls gross from association. My dad would use the cheap ones and they stank a bit.
  13. IMO two bull breed bitches is very high risk, but a bitch and a dog is still high risk. In my boarding kennel days, we found that bull breeds did not confine themselves to same sex violence . . . some will go any dog, particularly other bull breeds. As huski says, with proper training and management, it could be done, though I suspect there is some genetics involved, and a dog that is wired for dog aggression is pretty hard to get unwired. Why risk it? If you do go for two bull breed dogs, you might check with breeders and find a pup whose lines are deliberately selected to breed out dog a
  14. on the two female question: I asked a similar question about 3 years ago. I knew the risks, and I still went ahead and got a second female (same breed) as I intended to show her and hopefully use her as my foundation bitch but in February this year she was sadly rehomed via her breeder due to rising aggression between the two girls. We tried to manage it, but the risk to our baby son was growing, as they were viewing him as a resource worth fighting over. We could have divided the yard, but as half the time they loved each other, it was going to be too difficult for them. I will never agai
  15. Meg, gerty, megerty, meggles, Kobelco Meg in a Million. You are finally at peace. I can't believe we reached this point. For a lab you did pretty well, 14 years 9 months. The vet told mum and dad that you'd be ready when you weren't enjoying life anymore. But that was the problem, you never stopped. You couldn't get up and down off the ground, and nothing worked as it used to, but you always had a smile and a wagging tail. If all had gone to plan, you wouldn't have even been our dog. An unfortunate accident with the litter before you meant that you were ours, and on easter sunday, 2001,
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