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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the Hobart Canine Obedience Club does also offer Agility classes on a sunday, we have classes to suit all levels.. :) we are based on the soldiers memorial oval on the queens domain.. & by the end of April will be moved into our new very spacious club rooms :) heres a link to our website in case you end up in the hobart region. http://www.hdtc.org/
  2. For sure - but that doesn't mean selecting for "Red Fox" will get you the dog you want in terms of temperament and health. It may also limit your gene pool. I didn't say that breeding for colour would change the temperament, just that breeding for temperament also has a factor on coat, nor that breeding for temperament would get you the chosen colour.
  3. I had to say sometimes as it really depends on the situation. for example when we took our holiday on the mainland for a month we took our boys & our own bedding, we spent time in several caravan parks that were dog friendly which allowed us to have my boys inside with us, linen wasn't provided but as we had our own it wasn't such a big deal to have them on the bed with us.. my boys do not drop hair, nor do they get fleas. I have never stayed in cottage type pet friendly accm, if we ever did we always take the boys crate along with us & they sleep in that on the floor. to be honest I think its more polite not to have pets on the furniture even if its pet friendly, unless like I said linen isn't provided & we provide our own than not such a big deal.. forgot to say also that as of this year we have an 8 person tent with a double height queen sized blow up & we choose a pet friendly caravan park with camping over cottage style accm.. :) means they can sleep on the bed with no issues :)
  4. have you tried doing a google search for Fox Red Labradore + australia I did that & came up with a few dog studs based in aus & web pages which mention the term.. for those that talk about do or do not breed for colour, there is scientific research which shows that just breeding for temperament will actually change/modify/control the colour of a chosen breed.
  5. How did I Totally miss this thread :) first off Congrats :) you will never go back to having a normal dog.. I don't wash too much, in fact I found it was causing issues, I do however use coconut oil on dry skin. yup as some have said about materials of jackets, (mine have no probs) my oldest feels the cold cause he spent more time in nsw before coming to tassie so I have heaps of different jackets for him, I keep them clean & washed regularly, my youngest Rumba doesn't feel the cold near as much so he lives naked more often than not. I feed my boys a grain free fish based dog food as well as raw meats, the fish oil is good for their skin. having moved them over to this I find the older one doesn't get boils.. I do not use sunscreen on either boy as they are both dark skinned & they need vitamin D, suncreen is toxic for us let alone for a dog. I did make four legged pj style jumpers out of rash vest material for those times when the uv is high if we are out in the sun.. lol I call them their swimmers.. I should get some photos of that :) they are not normal dogs lol, they are even better Cresteds really love their people, both mine are velcro dogs though Krusty is very laid back for the breed & will cuddle with just about anyone, but will always come back to me :) he knows I'm his mum :) Rumba however gets a bit nervous if anyone else shows to much attention to him, he prefers my attentions :) has your puppy started doing Zoomies yet?? its where they run around in circles or figure 8s flat stick :) Forgot to say your little pup is just adorable :) also yes there is a crested thread in the breed sub forums.. I just posted in there so it should be close to the top of the list
  6. My advice is to build a relationship with your chosen breeder, before you start asking for a breeding animal. I live in tassie where my chosen breed is few & far between, I don't show yet, nor am I thinking about breeding yet, however I have started a relationship with my chosen breeder, they live in nsw, however I have 2 of her nuetered boys, both were offered for pet homes, (my oldest already had his showing championship) On both the occasions I personally went to collect my boys & spent time, getting to know their breeder. I adore my boys to bits, have learnt so much about them by having them in my life, I share their moments with their breeder, I hope 1 day in the future their breeder may trust me with a show quality breeding quality animal. Until then I will continue to trial both my boys in agility :)
  7. Gosh I just read through your whole thread.. I know just how you feel, my mums partner is just like your step dad, though my mum does like my 2 little boys, thankfully I live with my partner, but when I go to visit I don't go anywhere without my boys, (I have 2 hairless chinese cresteds) mine don't even drop hair let alone get dirty nor do they smell doggy, but he cracks the shits if they even think about going inside.. (he doesn't like me either) over xmas my mum & he went to the UK to visit my brother & my mum asked if I would house sit, of course she knew I would bring my boys, lol they were inside all the time :) when my mum came back they couldn't even tell, the house was that clean.. anyway I just wanted to say gosh what a stressful eventful christmas you & your dogs have had, while I'm sure it was hard trying to keep your little family together, I'm glad you managed it & are now safe in your own place, nothing like having your own space.
  8. we usually just get the pet poo bags in the dispenser roll from the reject shop or shiploads or chickenfeed before they closed.. or if I forget the dispenser I usually grab about 4 bags off the council rolls at the local dog friendly beach but I usually use about 2 while I'm there & the other 2 are for those random poos inconsiderate people leave in the sand for people to walk on.. really pisses me off, when there is several of those council rolls stationed all over the place there that people don't get a bag before they walk & pick up their own dogs poo.. if however I'm cleaning poo up at home then I use whatever is handy.. the council provided roll at the domain where our dog club is tends to run out pretty quickly but its used by a lot of people.. but to tell the truth we're very grateful that a roll is provided there :)
  9. seems to me the dog might actually have a brain disorder of some kind or it hyperventilated.. but yeah i wouldn't be sharing it on youtube I'd be getting it checked out.
  10. Did anyone mention that there are services that can come to your horse to pet sit or your dog can go to someones house, keep in mind a good service should/would do police checks on their staff.. we have a great service down here in Tas.. in saying that we plan our holidays around our dogs.. so if we're going to the mainland for a length of time my boys go with me.. if I had to leave the country then my boys would probably stay with their breeder because I know they would love a holiday with her & she's the one other than me I trust with my little guys :) if its short notice I know my mum would look after them for me, like if I had to go into hospital or something.. forgot to say we also have 3 cats so we've got an arrangement with our lovely next door neighbours who come in every second day to check water & kitty litter & food.. otherwise we just load up automatic feeders & waters for them :)
  11. who the hell feeds other dogs at the dog park.. is it just me or does that seem like a really weird thing to do.. of course for the obvious reason of resource guarding.. but also my dogs are allergic to some foods so certainly wouldn't want mine being fed anything by anyone I didn't know. not to mention I just wouldn't want anyone I didn't know feeding my dogs I guess this is another reason for me to stay away from dog parks.. I already see them as a very dangerous place to take my beloved pet.. :)
  12. To be Honest I would advise once your pup has had full course of Vaccinations that you take him/her to puppy class & get it socialised with other dogs.. very glad to hear that the bloody poo problem has cleared up.. your puppy wont go into the kennel unless you encourage him to do so by playing with your pup using some food rewards in the kennel to get him to go in there, just leaving a pup alone & expecting it to understand what the kennel is, is not going to get it in the kennel..
  13. you know I really hate this comp.. every year it misaligns the breed I hold very dear... I know there are a lot of other breeds there, but every year there is at least one unhealthy or crossbred hairless chinese crested that usually wins.. its disgusting..
  14. what a rotten moron.... he clearly provoked the animal, knowing full well that it would at the very least bark to protect its home (even my chinese crested would bark to protect me or his home) this is disgusting behaviour from a bunch of thug policemen.. certainly does not inspire confidence or trust in our law enforcement.. they should be charged with animal cruelty & released from service.. Animal cruelty is no joke.. rotten morons..
  15. gosh she is sooo beautiful.. very lucky to have fallen into a crestie home :) & lovely to see that those crazy figure 8 zoomies are classic for the breed.. my boys do that too. sooo much fun to watch :) my boys do beach & paddock zoomies.. she is only little but then the breed isn't very big & she's still only a pup.. sooo cute though.. poppy gaaah so cute.. dang making me want another one now.. lol.. best breed in the world :)
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