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  1. Hi steph River will be coming Might have another dog (beagle )and owner to bring along to We can do chicken on a stick And some munchies
  2. River plus 3 humans :) Sheltie plus 1 Chicken kebabs Coleslaw A couple a Bags of chips
  3. Excellent thanks so much River's group will see you all then Sheltie not sure on till tomorrow Lol The Sheltie owner is not dodgy :) Oooops auto correct
  4. Hi just came across this thread hope not to late to join in Selfcontrol (Karl) Kim and Casey with River a 4 month old boerboel would like to come We can bring chicken kebabs Might be able to add another dodgy owner who has a Shelty but he is a little concerned as Rico is timid around bigger dogs
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