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  1. Thanks Mystiqview - interesting stuff !I dont think its a snow nose ( winter nose) as I have seen them before and this looks completely different i dont mind how he looks as I dont show him, I am more concerned about the reasons behind the cracking, bleeding, crustiness and the depigmentation, health wise I may very well have to supplement with something he is missing. He does have a fairly good diet, premium kibble with added sardines, tuna, salmon, mackerel, chicken frames, roo meat, barf patties,and occasional yoghurt, eggs, carrots etc its back to the vet tomorrow for a check the
  2. hard to tell at the moment Stitch as its still quite crusty looking - the side where its turned pink is smooth no improvement yet from cream but may be too early to expect it
  3. cortisone steroid / antiseptic cream first for 5 days and then if no improvement, blood tests and biopsy I think its the loss of pigment that is concerning Thanks RuralPug he has done a bit of muzzle digging but usually when hes burying a bone - which he hasnt done for a while ( hes come to the conclusion that theres no point as the other one digs it up immediately !)
  4. Off to the vet tonight but if anyone else has had the same thing, maybe you can help put my mind at ease My samoyed has had a dry nose that I had been putting some paw paw ointment on. The past week or so it has gotten worse and last night it was a bit cracked and looked pink and raw on one side I have known dogs to get skin cancer on the nose, have any of you had an alternative diagnosis, are there other illnesses that he could have? im stressed out about it !
  5. if she already has a dog in the kennel while she is on site for a week at a time, why on earth is she wanting another one? cant she wait till she is settled somewhere permanently? Makes me really frustrated- the " I want , I want " culture now, presuming shes fairly young person? IMO I would tell her to stop being so silly. if you are FIFO you cannot guarantee your roster forever, some I know have had to go to 3 weeks on 1 week off or 4 weeks on 1 week off. have a look at any advertising website for Perth - gumtree etc the amount of dogs that are up for sale or free to good home because
  6. not a show person .. Just a suggestion to educate and inform - have a few signs at the show for the general public : keep it short a sweet [Hello, Please respect our space and dont crowd us, Please dont pet us without asking my owner FIRST, Please dont be offended if our owner says NO, We might not be good with strangers or groomed for the show ring If you are allowed to pat us, please just on the side of the body and make sure all hands are clean ( kids especially! ) Our owner is happy to chat about our breed as long as we are finished in the show ring Thanks for visi
  7. www.pawclub.com.au This Australia wide website is good to find all sorts of dog services / community events in your area and has ratings from users just type in your suburb / town AND there is a Small Dogs Activity Club that meet every second Sunday of the month south east of Perth, next one May 15th. www.smalldogsactivityclub.webs.com theres also a few old threads on DOL that might help with puppy preschool for you - Puppy Pre Schools Perth good luck!
  8. But do the dryers have a cut off timer that switches off after the elapsed drying time, similar to a hairdressers standing dryer? Maybe thats something that manufacturers could look at if there isnt a product already on the market. Im just thinking safety wise if there was an emergency, there should be a timer cut off switch. It could have been a short cut for a stressy dog, or too many dogs in at once, but I have a feeling that this lady in the UK, forgot the dog was in there, or was called away and before you know it, the dog has been in there for way over the normal period of time. Poor
  9. The Daily Mail UK is running a story about a dog groomer who killed a dog, by setting up a cage with a dryer directed at it. I have posted the link in the Dog Cruelty and Abuse News. Just a warning that the photos might be upsetting to some. Just a cautionary tale should anyone see someone trying the same thing here ( I suppose she thought she was saving time ) Horrific - poor dog
  10. if you phone butchers ahead of going to their shop they usually are pretty accommodating with what they can do and put special requests aside for you
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