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  1. thanks goldie lover! i feed thrice a day. he chomps everything down in 2mins per meal. and always look desperate for more. i will start reducing it abit as im always feeding the upper range of the guide... compared to advance, artemis is so much cheaper then..... if i followed advance's guide, i will deplete a 15kg pack in 18 days. but with a 13.8kg artemis pack, it will take 28days. It is only 5 dollars more than advance and seems to have a slightly better ingredient list.
  2. oo. hes still a puppy, so i dunno if hes supposed to look lanky or stocky.. polnoch is a russian black terrier. he is currently at the bottom of the acceptable range for height and weight for the breed. he looks fine to me... but im worried im limiting his growth.
  3. another reason why i think im underfeeding is also because he finishes his food in 2mins! and its not that hes excited or anything, i always make it a point that he sits quietly for at least 30s infront of me before he gets his food.
  4. Hello, just a small question regarding the mentioned product. I have been following this guide on their website: http://www.artemispetfood.com.au/dog_10.htm is the "weight of the dog" the current weight or the future weight..? if it is his future weight i would be underfeeding my puppy already... also, what are your opinions of this product against others??