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  1. Have the same problem with one of mine.....She loves to swim but ingests so much salt she bloats. She also spews and sprays lol...But has never become unwell post swim, now i just limit her time in the water, She swims in the pool at home but doesnt injest the pool water....so not sure why its so appealing with the sea. ??
  2. i bought an enclosure from ebay - petsouterspace. it comes with 8 panels including a barnyard gate the pannels join together with drop pins, very easy to make whatever shape you want and you have the option to by more panels. ive used it inside and outside. the initial set up was about 235.00 but i ended up buying more panels (the height is 1.2 mt) you can use it for temporary fencing, or as a complete enclosure. i can even use it for my adults if i want to section of an area for them. it also can be fixed to a wall/s as they give you the bracket things. they do freight or local pick up (gold coast.). they sell heaps of pet enlosures/crates etc. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Extra-Tall-8-Panel-Pet-Dog-Run-Enclosure-Pen-Crate-Cage-/270830050386?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=item3f0eba9c52 or petsouterspace.com i spent ages searching for something appropriate. im not a handy man so needed something very easy!
  3. thanks i ended up getting some juice but she screwed her nose up at it. then i just syringed a bit into her mouth. will try the capsules...
  4. Can anyone reccomend a Cranberry tablet or capsule brand and strength to give a puppy (weighs about 7kg and has recently had Cystitis, treated with Ab's) I know you can buy powdered form specifically for pets but would prefer a tablet as i think mixing it in food will make the food unappealing.... thanks
  5. this has happened to me also with one of my dogs, will never forget it as it happened on a sunday, i was booked to work (sunday rates) and she got into the buscuit bin, she then swallowed about a gallon of water, thats what drew my attention, constant ongoing drinking. Anyhow i rushed her to the vet as her stomach was so bloated and i thought it was going to explode. they xrayed her and gave her some med's. one to help pass the food and some sedation. all up cost me hundreds! and my loss of a sunday shift, she was fine within 24 hours thank god. learnt my lesson though with food in containers on the floor! never again, it gets stored in the garage!
  6. How do I obtain these buscuits, I live in Brisbane region, (sorry their is 80 odd pages to this link if its already been mentioned on this post) I am keen to trial the adult BH variety. RC is getting too expensive and only 15KG bags...thanks.
  7. i agree, it definately masks pain and the problem. I wouldnt be giving anymore than 5 days worth then see if the injury has settled down completely....if the injury is still their...lameness etc the previcox was only masking the problem (and providing pain relief to yr dog) I would also be taking the dog to a chiro for an assessment regardless if the dog appears fine. but If the problem doesnt resolve I would seek a 2nd opinion from a diff vet. goodluck!
  8. she hasnt dropped weight. she has gained 2kg lol, she is back to her ravenous state...i gently remind her of her food refusal/fussyness 6 weeks ago lol. Its alot for them to go through, i never realised the strain on them.
  9. normally once a day with our adults but with puppies and mum the adults are getting twice a day whilst ive been cutting back my bitches food and she is down to twice a day. hopefully back to once a day in the next few weeks. although now they all expect it in the mornings....its strange though as my other 2 adults have definately been having extra food the past 6 weeks but they havent gained weight which is good.
  10. i feel better now reading the above, not that its nice, as my girl too was in peak condition pre mating/whelp. she will bounce back though for sure....but im thinking it will take a few months. she is booked in with the pups first vacc in 2 weeks so will definately get checked out then. if i feel its worse though in the next few days i will definately take her sooner. She does have new hairs coming through, but much less, I suppose though it will take a while to completely come through. Yes her rear is the worst and tail, her head and chest are fine, unless thats next ive always used alloveen shampoo. ive probably noticed it more the past 2 days as i bathed her.
  11. Hi guys, I know ive read and been told about bitches "blowing" their coat post whelp but i was wondering How bad can it get......my bitch is loosing hunks and chunks and will be bald if it continues she is short haired so seeing her bald skin patches is starting to scare me... Is their anything i can do?
  12. haha ive never thought to try diff colours lol..
  13. i use white zinc on muzzles if they are white or 'burn' easily around their nose....its thicker and lasts for hours....try to apply it and hold their mouth closed whilst doing so, then try to distract them to give it a minute or 2 to dry.
  14. thanks, i managed to get some through a local vet and also ordered the liquid through animal health store online.
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