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  1. Great idea feel free to add mine Dazzlnstaff
  2. Hi Everyone Just wondering what companies do you use for mobile grooming trailer insurance. Preferably I would want an insurance that covers the trailer and contents, and also business insurance. thanks Elaina
  3. Stafford Fans

    thanks, they are fun... though after tonight the black and white (Teddy) and the black brindle (Kiara) were very naughty its amazing when they know they in trouble they then act like perfect angels lol
  4. Stafford Fans

    Hi Everyone Managed to keep my lot still long enough to snap a couple of 'family' pics who has the biggest smile? cheers Elaina
  5. Stafford Fans

    Hi Elaina, I emailed you a while back querying any pups and offered to take Teddy off your hands, remember me? Anyway I found my little black pup, she's gorgeous. nice to see you here : ) Hi Clyde, good to hear you found a pup ;) I have had quite a few offers for Teddy, they way he behaves sometimes I've been tempted
  6. Stafford Fans

    Here are some of the bloodhound (Demon), he came from a DOLer, he is such a big cuddly bear lol he belongs to my parents but I puppynap him for shows every now and again lol Here he is with Pink (she has to jump up for kisses) and with Teddy and a head shot cheers Elaina
  7. Stafford Fans

    Hi everyone, I don't post often but saw this huge stafford post and thought I would share pics of my 3 ;) This is Teddy (Dazzlnstaff Blacksambuca CCD) This is Kiara (CH Berlstock Forever Dazzln) And this is Pink (Dazzlnstaff Cuz I Can) Apart from these 3 'terrors' ;) , we also have a bloodhound. cheers Elaina
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if there is an obedience/agility club in or near the Yass/Murrumbateman area? many thanks Elaina
  9. Obedience Clubs In Yass/murrumbateman?

    I've had a look on DogsNSW site but can't seem to find one, I just thought someone on the list might know of a club. many thanks Elaina
  10. Hi Everyone I am looking at joining an obedience club in the new year as I want to continue trialling. I have a male stafford who has his CCD (would like to get him up in the higher levels) and I have 2 female staffords (3yrs and the other only 6mths) that I want to start training for obedience (should be fun :cool: ). I am after a good, friendly club that provides training for people looking at trialling. I am after a club that is based in Penrith/Windsor/Blacktown area that trains on any night except wednesdays. If anyone has suggestions on clubs I would love to hear them, I would also like opinions on clubs (good and bad) so feel free to message me privately. I figured I would get a head start on researching suitable clubs prior to the new year! Thanks in advance Elaina