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  1. Failed Pregnancies

    Could be a couple of reasons of your bitches not falling pregnant. Thyroid levels can affect their ability to hold a litter, you might be doing the matings too early or too late (I've heard some bitches have 'ovulated' at day 3 and also day 22, you still need to wait 48 hours before the eggs are ripe, take that into consideration) Is your bitch having progesterone issues, some bitches need to have injections to maintain their levels at week 5 or so, if it drops the litter will be absorbed or aborted. Does your bitch have any cysts on her ovaries? This can affect the fertilized eggs moving down into the uterus, if there is no clear path, the eggs will never be able to attach. Edited to say I have no experience with these problems, but I have a friend who has been going through the same problem. One bitch has a uterus full of cysts and it was paper thin when she was desexed.
  2. Co Owning?

    I was lucky enough to sell a bitch on breeders terms to one of my friends, she already has one bitch the same breed and wanted another to keep as company. I occasionally take her to shows and I get 1 litter from her when I decide. It works pretty well, no problems and we are both happy. It can work, this bitch isn't co-owned she is registered in my name still (but I have no intention of taking her away) after her litter, I sign her over to her new owner and she will be desexed (new owners wish)
  3. First Season!

    Awesome, well as long as her body is healthy and doing its thing I am happy! Haha her owner text me last night and said she had blood on her lady bits! I am so pleased, she had a show last weekend with lots of bitches and dogs which I was hoping would bring her in lol. Seemed it worked. Thanks I will have to wait for her second one when it happens lol
  4. Cleft Palate

    I would be incredibly upset that I sold a defective pup to a new pet owner, although i might not offer a refund if the pup was to have no ill life problems, I would be interested in vet reports and offer some sort of concern to the new buyers. I do strive to be helpful, approachable and friendly as possible. Glad he should be ok, hopenyounhave a blast with your puppy.
  5. First Season!

    Yay my bitch from my first litter (on breeders terms) has just had her 1st season short of 14 months of age! I was starting to get worried.... Dam had her first one at 8-9 months and has her regular seasons of 8 months. These are a toy breed... Do you think my girl will have long periods between her seasons? Now she can mature and grow into her body.
  6. Cleft Palate

    I would DEFINITELY tell the breeder immediately! I would want to know of one of my pups had one, of he is from a registered breeder they might have had another in the past and offer help and advice. The breeders should/will be able to help you along the way. Make sure you speak to them before you book any surgery, they might require their own vet to go over and make a conclusion of the refund. And yes he is still a growing puppy and will need a good balanced diet, not just boiled chicken it wouldn't be good for him in the long run. ☺
  7. I would love an email like that from anyone wanting a dog from me, some people just don't have time for the long emails... Try calling then on the phone to have a lengthy chat. I don't mind email as I have it on my phone and have access all the time to it.
  8. Litters Due July 2015

    Thanks! Super exciting, my second litter.
  9. Litters Due July 2015

    Papillon litter due 12th July!
  10. Toy Poodle 20 Months & No Seasons ?

    Very odd for you! Hmmm that would do my head in!
  11. Not planning on being a judge for a long time! I work in hospitality as a chef, so shows are such a limited amount now during my apprenticeship. I am more thinking down the track when I decide to have kids; or something when I get sick of this industry. It is really more something I want to know about, self research and knowledge. I do know a couple of judges and I am sure they can shed time to tell me more; haven't been able to see any of them yet! Also I have only been members of Dogs SA for 2 years, only had one litter and no home bred champions yet. And from what I have read about lectures and study it is very time consuming. But definitely something I would love to do in the future. O.m.g so much study to learn! Its great to know how your years of experience really does make you wiser
  12. Toy Poodle 20 Months & No Seasons ?

    My bitch (papillon) didn't come into season until 10-11 months. I got her when she was 8 months. Now I know it isn't as long as your girl but my bitch now cycles every 8 months. I bred her and she had two daughters, at 1 year old now no season. I had one small girl desexed at 11 months and her sister is entire to be my goal for a future litter. 20 months is a long time but I wouldn't worry yet, she might have had a silent season who knows. Have you got any other bitches that could 'help' bring her in? Quite often they can cycle together
  13. Good afternoon everyone, as the title says I would like to find out how to become a judge. I am not quite ready to do it now (work commitments over weekends) but I have tried to do a bit of googl ing but I couldn't seem to find anything. Feel free to post links and write down anything you know of. 1. What are some prerequisites of being a judge, what does it involve. How long and how do you choose to specialize in your own breed, group or a different group? How much does it cost roughly? And is it worth doing it all, does it get even bitchier as a judge than just being an exhibitor ;-) Thanks for your time, looking forward to a read!
  14. Feeding Once A Day?

    I've got papillons (2kg-3.5kgs) and they get fed once a day in the evening. I find they are not hungry in the morning and have left their kibble out all day for the ants to get. I do shift work too so 1x a day works for all of us,
  15. Rising Stars Of 2014

    Well done to everyone this year! The GSD didn't turn out as nice as the breeder and I thought but waiting for her hips and elbows... My papillons have been shown lightly due to work commitments, but my minor puppy bitch won opposite minor puppy bitch in show at the specialty :D:D:D Nice movement of her... My dog won baby puppy of breed at the Adelaide Royal.:p