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  1. Ethical dilemma

    Hi Frizbee My female working line GSD did both her cruciates and she has just had surgery to repair both in February. One was misdiagnosed for a year so she was still sprinting around and doing everything normally apart from pulling up a bit lame (she is one tough nut!) but after a year the other knee just couldn't cope with the additional pressure anymore and also ruptured and that's when we found out after an appointment with the specialist that both had gone. She is very full on when in work mode and uses and abuses herself so it was just life's wear and tear unfortunately. I can sympathise with where you are coming from. The confinement was something i was really worried about as my girl is also very active and i wasn't sure how she would cope. I was even more worried when they called me less than 12 hours after her surgery to come pick her up as she was fully weight bearing on both legs and was trying to bolt her way out of the cage they had her in. However when she was home in her normal environment she was much more settled and almost seemed to know that she had to rest. The specialist also said she didn't have to be confined to the crate (which she had never used before) but she could also be in a small room with non slip floors. Right from the start we just did lead walks with her to the toilet and let her be outside with us on lead so she had a change of scenery ect and she seemed to manage this okay. She has recovered fairly quickly touch wood and is now back to doing gaiting and a small amount of running. The main thing for me now is to build her muscle back as by the time she went in for surgery she had quite severe muscular atrophy. It wasn't cheap as you know but i was told without it she would have been completely lame within a year. The initial phase of the operation and confinement is a very scary thought but i am very glad i did it as she is just a different dog now. Back to her usual happy self. The one thing i will say if you decide to go ahead with it is to find a vet who will give you instructions or refer you to a good physio afterwards as that is what will help the most in recovery i feel. Good luck and let us know how you go!
  2. Thanks so much for your reply OSoSwift. He seems back to his normal self now which is a relief although he does seem slightly softer or not as "brave" as he was even a few weeks ago. No difference in marking behaviour yet as it only went in two weeks ago and i have a bitch in season atm too.
  3. Million Paws Walk

    Back when i was naive and used to support them i think you just signed in on the day but that was years ago. Will never support such a corrupt AR organisation which wants to see the end of Reg breeders.
  4. My boy has just turned 18 months and have just had the implant done. He seems to be very sleepy. Is this normal to start with? I hope this isn't going to be his drive level from now on He was always a good boy but sometimes tested other entires his own age to see who was more dominant. Other than that he is very well behaved. Has anyone found a decrease in testosterone fueled behaviour? Or was the behaviour fairly unaltered? Thanks very much!
  5. Exactly. AR groups always have an ulterior motive
  6. Fake pedigree pappers?

    Any update?
  7. Prayers Needed - He's Gone

    Sending positive and healing vibes Edited to say it never gets easier, no matter how old they are I sincerely hope he pulls through.
  8. Walking The Dog In The Rain

    Lol I wish mine would adopt a princess style attitude. Mine don't care if its rain, hail or shine, we walk
  9. Kibble For Dog With Sensitive Tummy

    My boy has IBD and the only thing that he has done well on his the Hills Science Diet Z/D and the Hypoallergenic. Anything else and he gets sick like your boy does.
  10. Split Season

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your help. Just a question. I have a female GSD who always had regular seasons that were normal. Long story short - whilst living at home I had to put in an implant. The implant wore off and she had a normal season. The she came in again at her normal interval but instead of having pre estrus she just went straight into the estrus phase. Now it seems like she is having a split season as it is 9 weeks later and she is back in and the same thing has happened. The vet said he is not concerned at this point and that it might just be the hormones sorting out after the implant. My question is, does anyone have any knowledge through experience of how long this might take or if she might keep having split seasons now? I am going to wait to see what happens next time to decide if I should take her to a repro vet to make sure everything is normal. Thanks guys :)
  11. Crufts 2015 Dog Poisoning

    I think it has become a bit heated. HW sorry if I upset you, that wasn't my intention. Of course there are lovely ppl who show their dogs, I know many of them and their beautiful dogs. I only looked at the first page and commented on a comment I agreed with. Sorry if I upset you :)
  12. Staffords Temperament

    Go away troll
  13. Crufts 2015 Dog Poisoning

    Some are not there for the love of the animals but to WIN. At what price the ribbon? I lost interest in showing my dogs before the pup even came home from the breeders because I went to a few shows with a breeder to get a feel for showing. The bitching, snarking and criticism I heard from people who had seemingly forgotten the dogs were living beings put me off ever wanting to be involved in showing my dog/s. I hope they find the person who poisoned that dog and that her/his name is revealed to those involved in showing their dogs. Agreed so sad. It is obviously all for their own ego boost rather than a love for a breed or even just dogs in general. No one who would call themselves an animal lover could ever be so cruel
  14. Arthritic Hips

    Sorry to hijack the thread! I am also wanting to try Turmeric with my 10 yr old boy. So it has to have at least 5% curcumin? What does this do? Also it is better to be organic? And it comes in a powder that I should be able to get at a health food store? Thanks very much everyone :)
  15. Angry Dogs / Angry Owner

    I agree with others, definitely report the dog to council and the man to the cops. Aggressive dogs have no place in off leash areas and the bloke should not be allowed to get away with verbally abusing others. Record it if you can next time it happens and then you will have evidence.