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  1. Stafford Fans

    we were just there for a week, and boy now I have an appreciation of just how cold it's going to be!! brrrrr My little princess is going to look so silly in her coat with the other farm dogs! they sleep outside in kennels! ours will be the only house dog! hehe good idea to get some made to measure - thanks! :)
  2. Stafford Fans

    So it's official - we move to the farm in NZ in 8 weeks! I want to get a coat for Pebbles that is weatherproof and warm for her tummy. It gets very cold in Southland! Any suggestions that are good for Staffords?
  3. Stafford Fans

    an update on Pebbles crate training!! We had the crate open in the living room for a few weeks, then starting closing the door on her for short periods of time. Up to an hour when we have our dinner. Last week we brought the crate into our room at night and got her to hop in and closed the door. She cried a little through the night but was ok with it. By the 3rd night she RAN AWAY FROM ME when we were getting ready for bed and went outside! She refused to come in cause she knew i'd make her get in her crate to go to bed. Hilarious! but last night she accepted her fate and got in her crate and didn't make a peep all night! I still let her out a little early so we can still have some cuddles before we get up! we're on our flight to NZ in 2 months, so hopefully she'll be nice and comfortable with the crate by then!
  4. Airline Approved Crates For Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    I've just organised a crate to fly my Stafford to NZ with Qantas, it's plastic.
  5. Stafford Fans

    any tips on how to teach taht? pebbs is a serial licker!
  6. Stafford Fans

    lpts of people recommended crate games for crate training, but it doesn't talk at ALL about getting the dog used to the crate in the first place. I think i'll be throwing it straight in the bin - it's no good for pebbles. We have a wire crate. have put in some comfy bedding and giving her a pigs ear, or her peanut butter stuffed kong in there and she's started going in of her own accord. we're leaving the door open for now. she's still a bit timid of going in there at first, and goes and gets the kong/pigs ear and ocmes back out, but i just throw it back in and she eventually gets it. hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll work on having her in there with the door closed for some time and still relaxed. fingers crossed!
  7. Stafford Fans

    sooooo started crate training tonight with Pebbles.... not much of a success. She hates it! Got her in there and following the crate games dvd. She knew i got treats out and was jumping around for them before we started. when i had her in the crate and opening the door to treat her, she wasn't interested in the slightest!! she just looks at us with those big puppy dog eyes and cries!
  8. Stafford Fans

    Certainly will. The farm dogs (which are a mix of collies and kelpies) are kept outside in kennels - rain, hail or shine, but I must insist my little cuddly housedog will sleep inside in winter for sure! Hope it doesn't cause any pack issues!
  9. Stafford Fans

    Hubby's family is from the deep south, near invercargill, bout 2 hours south of queenstown. We'll be moving to the family farm for 6-12 months! Hope she gets on with the sheep dogs!
  10. Stafford Fans

    My husband and I are possibly moving to NZ, so in prep for pebbs having to travel we're getting a crate, crate games DVD and going to get pebbles used to it. Just not sure what size to get. She's approx 65cm long (not including length of tail) and 50cm tall. Will a 36" crate be ok for her or too big? (L x W x H): 91cm x 61cm x 71cm
  11. Stafford Fans

    Hahahah that's classic Kima! WIsh you had some video of it!
  12. Stafford Fans

    It's probably awkward to try for a baby while she is on the bed also :laugh: well yes that is also part of the problem! hehe. She does get in the way! I think she just gets so stressed out being away from us some nights that she poo/wees. but some nights she's fine. very frustrating. cause i can put up with a bit of crying... it's the mess in the morning that's the pain!
  13. Stafford Fans

    I don't really mind having her on the bed, but we're trying for a baby at the moment. So when the baby comes along we probably don't want her on the bed all the time. Maybe we should just give up on the whole idea! hehe
  14. Stafford Fans

    Pebbles has always slept in our room. Starting off in her own bed, but she usually jumps up on our bed after we're asleep (cheeky little minx). Over the last 3 weeks we've moved her bed into the lounge room so she only has one bed (instead of one in our room and one in the lounge room) and been restricting her to that area when we go to bed. Some nights she grizzles straight away but goes to bed eventually. Other nights she goes straight to sleep but then around 2am or so whines to be let in our room. We've been pretty strict, not letting her in until my husband gets up for work around 6am. If we do hear her crying during the night we tell her to go back to bed and she usually does, some nights are worse than others. EVERY night i make sure she goes to the toilet before bed. but some nights we wake up to a poo and a wee in the loungeroom. Now if i hear her cry in the night I get up and try make her go to the loo, but she's only interested in trying to get into our bedroom. We just got our carpets cleaned and she messed up the carpet last night *shakes fist*. Just wondering if you staffy lovers have any tips on easing the process to help our attached little girl get through the night without us.
  15. My dog loves VAN, but lots of grains come out the other end. Is this normal or is it not digesting properly?