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  1. and I'm the blonde with the crazy Boxer :laugh: Had an awesome consult with Steve yesterday, Can't wait for Saturday!
  2. Bookers newest DWD trick :) <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0olr3sf7gTw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. I'm going! :D Have working spot for Saturday workshop, and also a private lesson :) I have "ruined" my dog by doing sledding and now he thinks chasing other dogs (which is what he has been allowed to do at sledding) is highly reinforcing- so now I cannot trust him offlead anymore because he completely ignores me calling him Sucks because he used to be so good and I could take him to the beach etc no problems. Help! lol
  4. Booker: -Rally Novice Title -JD Title -AD Title -CH Title -Win or place in a sledding race Bondi: -RN Title :)
  5. Most of the boxers I have known (including my two) are picky eaters, and keeping weight on them is a struggle (lots of posts in the boxer forum about this problem too!) however, Bondi who is now nearly 10 has turned into a little piggy! So I think Boxers in general are fussy when young- piggys when old.
  6. Bondi goes to Rivergum- they are great there! Glad I scratched my sibe and left early if the show went that late
  7. Miss Bondi turns 9 today! :) She made it! I turned up to the show last night to find out I entered the sat night show not friday :laugh: So drove all the way down there for nothing! Back again tonight- hope Books stays clean!
  8. She went off her food about a month and a half ago before she was on steroids- she is off the steroids now though :) She was 30kg before all of this happened- then got down to 22kg- and was weighed yesterday at the vet and she is now 25.5KG :D Played her fave game "find it" today with her- where I hide her toy somewhere in the house and she has to go find it- only difference this time being I had to walk behind her and support her with her sling :) She hasn't lost her zest for life at all.
  9. Quick video I made of Bondi's progress over the last few days- last video is her tonight- standing and walking on her own unassisted :)
  10. DON'T GIVE UP! I have been going through this with my 8 year old boxer Bondi since november- she was screaming in pain, and then couldnt walk at all. Her back legs were completely paralysed. We took her to vets thinking the worst, to have her PTS- and vet suggested it could be a FCE (fibrocatilagenous embolism / spinal stroke) We were refered to a specialist neurologist,who suspected an herniated disc. bondi after afew weeks being on drugs (painkillers, valium, steroids and various other anti-inflamatories) started to get better. However, she would get better and then worse again. I had previously decided not to do the myelogram (inject dye into spine and do xray/scans) due to the risk associated and the cost and the fact that she was improving with drugs, but after nearly 2 months of ups and downs, she went down hill again and I decided to do it just before xmas. Vet suggested a CT myelogram- but it turned out that they only had to do a regular CT scan to see what was wrong ($1600). She had a massive infection in her spine and also multiple lesions compressing on her spinal cord. She is now on antibiotics for a minimum of 12 weeks to kill the infection, also on strict crate rest, painkillers and we have taken her off the steroids so she can fight infection (and also because she was loosing too much condition on steroids- she was 30kg, got down to 22kg). Since she has been off the steroids she was regained condition and now weighs 25.5kg. She is improving everyday, and can actually walk and get up on her own now, although she is still quite wobbly on her feet. It is going to be a long recovery process- parts of her spine have been eaten away, so we need to wait for the infection to clear up before the bone can start to become fiberous again and regrow. She has spondylosis in her spine aswell, so her spine might re-calcify quicker than dogs without spondylosis. Then hopefully and compression on the spine will be relieved and she will be able to gain more function back. The nerves are the slowest part in the body to heal though- so it will be a long road ahead- 6months + and she will probably never walk the same again, but we are confident she will be able to get around on her own again and enjoy a normal life again :) She is so happy again now, but there have been many days through this horrible time when she wasn't and I have considered PTS- I'm sooo glad I didnt now! If vet suggests a myelogram, don't delay like I did. Goodluck and keep us posted.
  11. Lovely photo Lisa! Heres Mr. Muscles :laugh:
  12. And because I can't upload a pic of Books without a pic of Bondi- here are some photos my friend took the other day Tonight Bondi actually got up on her own and went for a little walk quite steadily around my room unassisted. When she is in a hurry to get somewhere like the toilet, she doesn't walk as well and her back legs are all over the place, but when you slow her down and make her think about it she is doing quite well now
  13. haha thanks guys Rosie they only drool when they exercise heaps- although ill admitt Booker is more drooly than Bondi. Booker will be back in most shows this year His next show is 28th janurary (i think may have entered 27ths cant remember lol)
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