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  1. Dog Parks In Western Sydney

    The Place at Yarramundi is called Yarramundi reserve. Go onto goodle maps and type in 46 Springwood Road, Yarramundi, New South Wales and it should come up for you. Its a really great place with plenty of sand leading into the water. Its great in winter gets a little to busy in summer on the weekend.
  2. Dog Tremors

    Just an update, Dex is home and all good. The vet still isnt sure what happened but tends to think it was more a case of toxin/poisin rather than epilepsy. But I guess we won't really know so fingers cross it doesnt happen again as it was pretty scary. Thanks for all the tips and well wishers. Mike
  3. Dog Tremors

    Thanks for all the replies, I forgot to mention that he did have a temperature which I guess is why he went on the drip. My first though was epilepsy but the vet seemed to think it was something else. Im not sure if they where just trying to be optimistic though. The Vet also hadn't seen a dog with the same sort of BOB and sway which confused them a little bit. I haven't heard from the vet yet but hopefully can pick him up at 10am and find out some more. Thanks for all your help, if anyone else has more advice I would love to hear it.
  4. Dog Tremors

    Just wondering if any has seen this before. I just had to rush Dex our 18 month golden retriever to the vet. This has never happened before he was sitting there and then suddenly started bobbing his head, like the dogs on the back window of a car. It was defiantly more a bobble/wobble than like a shaking tremor. His whole body then started bobbing and he got very scared and wet himself. The vet seems to think it could be a virus/poising or epilepsy. Anyway I just had a look at lots of videos online and can't find one video of a dog with epilepsy that is shaking the same way Dex was. Basically Dex was shaking his head like somebody would to say yes to a question. He is still at the vet on a drip and antibiotics. Just wondering can anyone shed some insight and have they seen this before. Thanks in advance.
  5. Another thread (Rescue Dogs - Clues To Their Lives Before You.) about not knowing the history of a rescue dog and making assumptions about the dog's history has got me thinking. If your dog ended up in a shelter and a new owner took them without knowing it's history does your dog do any quirky things that could make the new owners feel that the dog had been mistreated or abused in some way. For example my dog Dex has never liked you offering his food to him in his bowl, he will actually back away and run off if you hold it up to him. Hence if somebody adopted him from a shelter I'm sure they would assume he has been abused round dinner time, which has never been the case and I have no idea why he get's scared. He is also scared of photo frames, as one fell near him and made a loud bang when he was a pup, if you have a photo frame near him he gets really scared, so again a new owner would think he has maybe been hit with a photo frame. So does anyone else dog do quirky things that could mislead new owners about their history?
  6. Urgent Tick Help

    Wow seems like their are a lot around the mountains areas I never realized. The vet said he has seen a high amount come in recently with most being from the Mt riverview area at a guess that would be at least 60km from the ocean.
  7. Urgent Tick Help

    He is on frontline and I think he would of got it yesterday in the lower blue mountains area NSW.
  8. Urgent Tick Help

    Ok I ended up taking it to the vet. He looked under the microscope, he is 99% sure it is just a bush tick but did struggle to identify it. The legs all looked the same to him indicating bush tick but the legs where very close to the front and bunched indicating a a paralyses tick. If it was a paralyses it was very young and vet thinks it wouldn't do any harm. So hopefully Dex should be ok. Thanks for everyone's help I should be alot better at identifying ticks in the future. I guess you can never be to sure so it's better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Urgent Tick Help

    J Thank you for making me triple check I just found another one same size under his tail. I wish he had a short coat would be so much easier. Still looking for more. Thank you
  10. Urgent Tick Help

    It is really really tiny and very hard to take a photo of. You can't even see the legs without taking a photo. Here are some more photos of it, I really don't see and colour difference in the legs, that's why I'm leaning more towards a bush tick. Thanks all the advice is appreciated. The vet didn't think it had been on their long due to size and my where abouts.
  11. Urgent Tick Help

    Thanks for the quick replies. Just called the vet they think it is most likely a bush tick, as stormy said the vet said the best way to tell is from the legs colour. The tick is very tiny so it is hard to see but from what I can tell they all look the same colour. I now just have to keep him quiet and monitor him. He seems to be acting very normal. Thanks for all the replies
  12. Urgent Tick Help

    Hi, I have never seen a tick in my life and I just found this tiny tick on my dog two minutes ago that just fell off when I touched it. I'm a bit of a journey away from the vet so I was wondering is this a paralysis tick. Should I be worried as I said Iv never seen a tick in my life so have no idea what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  13. Can You Get Another Dog To Like Your Dog?

    Thanks for the replies. My dog defiantly could be doing some wrong things, that I Haven't picked up on. It just shocked me there first encounter my dog was yawning and looking the other way and his dog was still really aggressive. Dex has never had any other problems with other dogs, so I just found it weird. My dog was desexed a few months ago and his is still entire. The dogs havn't actually played together either when they are both of lead his dog shows no interest in mine, and is very loyal to his owner and eager to please. Next time we are out I will give the long walks on the lead for awhile. Sounds silly but when we got are dogs we kinda of planned that if one of us goes away the other can look after the dogs rather than Kennels. Any other advice would be great.
  14. Hi Guy's, Just after some advice, both myself and my friend have male dogs that are both about a year old. Mine is a golden retriever and his is a Hungarian vizsla so similar size. The problem is they don't get along, I guess i'm a bit bias but my dog has never done anything wrong and if it comes within 5-10m of the Viszla the vizslas hackles will go up and it will start foaming at the mouth while really growling, my dog just ignores it. My friend hasn't really socialised his dog as it grew up and it hasn't met many other dog's, it lives with another dog but has dominated it and gotten away with it since young. How can I get the dog's to get along is their any tips, we have introduced them on neutral turf and when off leash they are ok until close together. It would be great if we could get them to get along so we can leave dogs with each other when we go on holidays etc. Any tips would be great.
  15. Do Dogs Mark With Number 2's

    Well I went off my vet's advice, and like someone said its better than some random on the internet's advice. It was actually a hard decision because when I researched it on the net so many people had unsupported information and opinions on the best time to do it. Anyway back on track it's kinda of good to hear that my dog isn't the only one that does this. My next question is can I stop it? Once he has gone the first time would it be ok to correct him every other time he tries to go or would this make him scared to go at all. I really just don't want to have to have to carry 4 bags of *&^# and since it has only been going on one week I would love to stop it.