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  1. Dalmatians 101

    Henri is bilateral but sometimes i wonder if he knows that Dals can have deafness issues and uses that as an excuse to ignore me when called :D
  2. Dalmatians 101

    A few more pics of Henri Took these at 6.00am last Sunday morning. Helping me vacuum the car mats 2 weeks ago The day we picked him up from Paceaway Dalmatians
  3. Dalmatians 101

    How many weeks is Gus? does he go ape like Henri
  4. Dalmatians 101

    Thank you all for the wonderful welcome We took Henri to K9 Kindergarden again last night. WOW! he just goes nuts at the sight of other dogs. He just bounds around full of energy barking at play fighting with them in particular a Border Collie 1/4 of the size smaller?? When he's tethered he nearly chokes himself trying to get to the other dogs. Trying to train him in that environment is a tall ask. I was glad to get him home and calm again
  5. Dalmatians 101

    Hi my name is Johnny, my wife Maria, myself and 9 year old daughter Mae live in Brisbane. We are the proud owners of a wonderful 12 week old Dalmatian boy named Henri. I joined this forum a few weeks ago when we got him but lets just say the last 4 weeks since we've had Henri have been a blur and challenging so haven't had any time to introduce myself or Henri to the group. We are new to pet ownership and have plenty to learn. I have read most of this thread in my lunch breaks while at work and think its great there is a thread devoted to Dalmatians and their owners. Here is a photo of him at 11 weeks old sitting on his mat in the kitchen. This little guy follows me wherever I go and I hate leaving him to go to work each day We're looking forward to being part of this group and sharing our experiences.