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  1. Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Hi All! We recently returned from Canberra where we stayed at the Mecure (formerly Olims) which was great! We had our JRT and Corso and they were both provided with a bed and toy. We stayed in room 216 which had a great private garden that was a decent size for the dogs to zoom around in that was securely fenced. Recommended!
  2. Thanks for that. Called the secretary who was kind enough to confirm we are entered.
  3. Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone else got an empty envelope back? or just me? It has my breed on the top left hand corner and PM, (and we did enter both the AM & PM show) but it's empty?? I just wanted to see if anyone else had the same, before I called the secretary to check. Cheque hasn't been cashed yet. Thanks!
  4. Too Old?

    Thanks ladies! That reassures me. A 2 yo JRT should be ok then :) Have a lovely week
  5. Too Old?

    Hey Everyone! I'm interested to know people's thoughts on if/when a dog is too old to enter the show ring for the first time?
  6. Do Not Blink! Do Not Turn Your Back!

    Me Too!!!! :rofl:
  7. Caufield & District @ Kcc Park 25/5

    Got my numbers today!
  8. New Supreme Champion

    Fantastic Kerry!!! Congrats to Huddy! Give him a cuddle for me! :D :D :champagne: :cheer: :cheers: :clap: :D :D :happydance2: :happydance:
  9. Seymour Shows Numbers/results

    Thanks Lady of the Ghans! I was a bit confused (not that that is a hard thing to happen..) :)
  10. Seymour Shows Numbers/results

    Got mine early this week, entered both, but only got one number? Would there be the same numbers for each day? Or am I missing a number?
  11. Should I Be Worried?

    Might be worth contacting a University in your area? They may be able to test it for you?
  12. Wa Utility Dog Show

    Thanks all!
  13. Best Cars For Showing

    Hi Whippytails! Can you get the 2000 Outback in a diesel? That'd be my pick I reckon. I have a Liberty and it has been great! Happy shopping :)
  14. Wa Utility Dog Show

    Hey Everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows what got BIS? I see the Akita got RUBIS, but no listing for winner. Anyone know? Thanks!!
  15. WooHoo!!! Go Huddy!! :cheer: