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  1. Hi guys, Came across this case in my travels today, apologies if it has already been posted/discussed. It's an excellent summary of the law in NSW as it applies to dog attacks (on your own property) and whether or not you can be sued for any injury that might be inflicted to a person or other animal. I note that there was a bit of discussion about this re 'beware of the dog' signs recently. Caselaw link- Simon v Condran [2013]. :)
  2. Ok so currently I have 16! Do I win? Lol. Thirteen of those are only three days old And they won't all be staying! We have had three for more than a year now, and that's an ok number but shortly we will have four, as one of the pups will be staying. I'm looking forward to that- I can take two out and leave two, so no one is ever alone. I think it'll work better for us. Pleased to hear so many of you have four- I can tell my o/h it's not just me who thinks its a good idea!
  3. Adorable! Well done guys Mid-woofs and Mummas both!
  4. The proud Mamma bear and her huge brood! * yes! one is naked because I ran out of collars** no Leia is no longer wearing hers- we'd just been outside :)
  5. So glad it worked out ok TeamSnag! We have puppies here too- 13 so far, ten boys (!!) and three girls. All doing really well, mum (and I) managed our first time ok- first pup was sac-less, and took nearly two hours, but we held it together! (Just though really). All subsequent pups have been easy, Lei is a natural mumma. Just waiting to see if there are any more up there.... (Girls please but if alive that's ok!). Allerzeit you guys can't be too far away now! Will post pics when more awake, it's been a long time since I slept....
  6. Hmmm, Nova has been quite firm for a while now, which is just because it's so much puppy in there. I wouldn't be too concerned as long as they are still wriggling and Lei is happy and not showing signs of discomfort - but of course, if you're at all worried it's definitely worth checking with your vet - at this stage of pregnancy, no concern is an over-reaction, so they certainly shouldn't have a problem with you asking them :) Thanks Allerzeit. She seems pretty chirpy, as normal, but not as hungry as she has been- still eating something though. I figured it might just be something that happens as the pregnancy progresses but wasn't sure! It's a bit like she just needs to fart a few times and the pressure will be relieved lol :D I'll keep an eye on her, maybe call the vets tomorrow if she still feels a bit bloated. Might also walk her round the block tonight, it's been a few days since she had a good walk- preferring to relax at the moment and watch the other dogs run around for her! Walking might get the farts moving :laugh:
  7. Nova looks fab! Quick question- the last 24 hours Lei's tummy has been a lot more 'balloon' like, tighter rather than soft/malleable. Is that normal with 8 days to go? Feels like there's way more 'air' in there, than there was (along with wriggly puppy bodies)....
  8. So sorry to hear that, how awful for you all. Poor Nyx, I hope she recovers ok.
  9. Here is the mumma-bear, day 48 today :) Please excuse the bin! With some gratuitous setter as well
  10. I think, because she was lying on her side, the skin was stretched downwards across her tummy and the bubbas were close to the surface- hence ripples and one distinct kick out! The o/h didn't believe me though lol and of course when he looked she rolled over :) Can't wait to get home from work and spend the next 6 hours tummy watching (and patting)!! Ahh, oh dear.... :laugh: I really don't want her to have 14 I should add, 8 would be plenty!!
  11. Congrats bel, so glad they are healthy and doing well :) Nynx looks very well too. Allerzeit we have a tummy that 100% corresponds with yours!! :D And GUESS WHAT I SWEAR I saw the lil' aliens this morning!! It was so cool. I though maybe I wouldn't see them for another week, but I'm really sure I saw it- not just getting too excited I promise. Kinda like watching a fishpond and seeing the fish swimming just below the surface, but rippling the water. I'll take some more pics of Lei tonight- she is really getting pretty whale-like. I was guessing 12, but I think there might be more.....
  12. Naw so sweet :) we have matching tummies I reckon, really similar size! Yeah Lei's not hugely impressed with the whole being pregnant thing lol. She's really slowing up now, it was noticible today. Only 18 days to go for us, it's getting SO exciting. This is my first ever litter so the excitement is fear, for a large part anyway. Hoping the girls due soon are going well :)
  13. Some photos of Leia last night- with my setter giving the Mumma Bear some kisses :) This is her at the start of week six- I think, there's few in there.... :D
  14. Hoping it goes well for you bel. All quiet here, we have a matching belly Allerzeit! Growing steadily by the day. Lei's appetite finally returned, with a vengeance! *Don't know if puppies in there... or just getting really, really fat...* (lol).
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