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  1. Yep I have this too. I have used cordless dremel & I prefer the ozito.
  2. I use rotary tool for all the poodles nails keeps them nice & short.
  3. This has been going around on Facebook & I think words it all perfectly.
  4. Wow how interesting! How are the other pups with her? Love her name too!
  5. We welcomed 8 beautiful babies into the world on the 10th :D 7 boys & 1 girl! Lucky I was hoping to keep a boy lol
  6. Congratulations to the pups already born My girl is huge & not coping very well with the heat but have been leaving her in a/c. We are in our final week now & she has slowed down a lot. She has been a very fussy eater from week 4 & I've been pulling my hair out as she is usually a vacuum but finally past week she has improved.
  7. We're expecting a litter of standards on the 10th :D Ultrasound could see 8 maybe 9 puppies! Very excited.
  8. Robert Humphrey's in Jimboomba. I travel an hour to see him he is fantastic! http://www.goldcoasthorse.com.au/Gold_Coast_Horse/Vets_I_Chiros.html http://www.womo.com.au/reviews/Robert-Humphreys-Jimboomba/
  9. Our next dog will be another standard poodle hopefully one we have bred ouselves! Right now I don't see anything coming into our house except for poodles. I would like a Pomeranian one day :)
  10. So glad Sumo is ok! Bloat is my worst nightmare owning standard poodles very scary & it all happens so quickly. Lucky your OH was onto it! Might be a good time for me to drill it in to my OH again! Hope Sumo recovers quickly.
  11. This is looking like my situation too. I'm still training, but I think she's coming in (her seasons have always been irregular, and last one was silent so I just dont know!) Yep my girl came into season 2.5 months early. She is on her way out now so should be right to go by ET in 1.5 weeks. Just frustrating as I thought she would be right as she is normally so regular but having pyo stuffed up her cycle. My girl isn't due until October earliest depending if she goes back to 6 months or continues 8 so don't think this will happen to us. Not that I'd mind seeing as I plan on mating her lol :p
  12. Yeap that is the one! Will you be going along as well? I am starting to get nervous that he will get too excited and his HR will be high at the checks - silly dog has been brought up in a vet clinic and thinks vets are the best! :p Or that he will decide sniffing and playing is more fun than the obedience test :) But still excited to see how it all goes! Yes I will be going along as well at stupid o'clock lol. Have a dog show night before too I'm a bit worried about her riding in between other dogs but OH says she will be fine. Not sure what th surfaces are out there either so hope her pads are strong enough.
  13. It's usually within a fortnight before the test I think, from memory. Yep - here's the relevant bit from the rules So if I'm doing ET next Sunday is it ok for me to do the vet check during the week next week? E+H we must be doing the same one? Laidely? Although I'm not doing it with my girl my OH is lol
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