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  1. My Dalmatian had bloods sent to Jean Dodds back in April this year for thyroid panel. Consult & blood taken by vet $71.00 Courier organised by vet $22.00 Then $128.15 fee. Vet downloaded and completed the forms. Hope this helps.
  2. One of the few things that helps my poor old "smelly dog" car is a product called "no vac foam carpet sanitiser and deodoriser". It says it kills bacteria that causes odour in carpets and the smell is pretty strong but not unpleasant. You can get it from Coles/Woolies from the shelves with car stuff on them. Nil Odour is also pretty good. Hope that helps :)
  3. Good to hear Steffie has come through surgery well. The first bowel movement will be the most painful for her and then get better over a few days. I'm sure your vet will have given you advice regarding diet while she is healing and pain relief if needed but if you have any concerns before her check up get in touch with the vet.
  4. Not sure what happened to my edit on the previous post but should of course be "abscess".
  5. Had this surgery done on a large male dog who had a long history of accesses in the anal sacs. Yes there can be complications and yes it is painful for a short while after the operation for the dog, however, my dog recovered well. No incontinence issues afterwards and a much healthier dog. Like you, we found a vet who had performed this operation many times. Edited to read "absesses" (can't find my glasses!)
  6. You are right - Martin Clunes "The Secret Life of Dogs".
  7. Have you been to Lake Parramatta? This has good bush walks and amazing views over the lake. Gates close at 7.30pm daylight savings. The walk around the lake is about 3.5kms with some rough terrain up and down hill - better than a gym workout.
  8. OK, I've just checked with Hornsby Council. There is no access after the gates are closed at 6.30pm. I was told this was due to security reasons for the facilities and buildings. Hope you are able to get there within opening hours as it is well worth the visit.
  9. Hi, I am a frequent user of Fagan Park during the day. Arcadia Road and Carrs Road are the major entry points for cars although you can park on the road and walk in to avoid car park fees. I think there is pedestrian access after 6.30pm but I am questioning that in my mind now because I do remember large entry gates. I will be going up there in a couple of days and could check this out for you if nobody else can give you an answer. Sadly no off leash areas here but my dogs are happy on longlines. Such a beautiful place :)
  10. I am so sorry that you and your poor dogs have had this happen to you. I walk my dogs with a lady who owns two greyhounds and before they got their "green collars" she told me having them attacked while they were wearing muzzles was a major fear of hers. Hoping you all heal quickly both physically and mentally. Especially enjoy cuddling up with your loving dogs today on your birthday.
  11. Yes Vetfriends is a franchise, they took over the vetinary practice where I take my dogs some years ago now. I have used my local one for years and been very happy. They may not be the cheapest but they are certainly not the most expensive. PM me if you would like further info.
  12. Heartbreaking for you to lose to such handsome boys so close together. RIP Oscar & Charlie
  13. Mad Mary


    Thank you moosmum, to you too.
  14. Mad Mary


    A beautiful tribute to your very special Dobermann girl. I too have felt unable to write about my girl Mary who passed away over a year ago. My constant companion, who shared many of the wonderful attributes of Lou. I feel your pain and like you will be thankful for every day and memory.
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