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  1. Thanks lollipup! do you by any chance know the name of the other company that is doing the cert IV? I actually forgot to mention the most important thing i want to learn (OOPS!) is the phycology section in the whole thing!, so what is everyones thoughts on the DELTA part of that?
  2. That sounds very interesting! i've heard briefly about adopting miliary dogs or sponsoring them. will give that i look too! thanks!
  3. Last year i was very involved in sled racing with my sibe girl up at the southern highlands in NSW, i also was doing basic obedience with her i admit there was a lot more patience put in then normal because in sledding she was taught to pull and keep running where in obedience, well... not so much! i will always remember the GSP's racing they are amazing, it would be fun to try it out with my new pup when it is old enough. PEPPER21- thanks for your recommendations, helps a lot . its good to think out side the box and do a lot of research! and i am very glad that i asked everyone for their p
  4. Yes ive gone into a lot of thought into which breed to choose for the base of the training. Having a siberian husky she is very hyper and barely keeps still when shes excited, plus she was used for sled dog racing i beleive that i have her for that series of my time and hopefully will go back to sledding somewhere next year! I thought about getting another siberian husky but wanted more of a challenge on having two different breeds to train with, my partner wanted an alaskan malamute but they just arent what i have thought about training, them being 'similar' to siberians in the category to t
  5. Thanks heaps guys! I am after a qualification, my goal would to be a professional dog behaviorist and possibly in the future go towards dog squad or other jobs along those lines. the list is endless for me in this factor i would also love to so assistance dogs. I will deffinately keep looking around, if i am going to spend thousands of $$ for a course i would be to benefit positively from it and i really am not one for punishment training either! there is a few dog training places around where i am so i will deffinately have a talk to them! Thankyou for your feedback and suggestions!! :)
  6. Hi all! Just a quick question... Does anyone on here have a few ideas on the different courses offered for dog behavior and training. i have had a look at a few and have my eye on one through Precise Training but want to see if its worth doing it or doing something else Im also talking about getting a pup to help me along the way as well as being another companion for us and my siberian husky girl Im thinking of a White Swiss Shepherd male puppy, i havent owned one before so would be a good experience.. My siberian girl is two years old now so i would train on her when studying aswell as th
  7. Luvmypet- thanks a lot for that! i checked out the website but it says the furtherest she goes is kiama, i should really stop saying i live in the illawarra i think shoalhaven heads is a bit out of it I am needing this week mostly 8 hours each day give or take. wednesday i am taking mars up to bowral to have a checkup I will be sure to ask my vet! Thanks guys!
  8. I know I really wish I could take her to work but I work at a coffee shop and I don't think the customers would like husky fur in their coffee! Yes I might ask my vet, I might just have to set up a little place for her at home inside while im out
  9. My 11 month old siberian husky has unfortunately dislocated her toe, so therfore needed to have surgery. She had surgery last friday and now has a few stitches in her foot with a bandage, so she needs to be closely watched and cant get her foot wet I'm looking for someone reliable to pet sit my puppies while i go to work next week. if anyone knows of any people that do that for a living or is wanting to earn some cash! I have my siberian girl-Mars, and also a 11 y/o shih-tzu + a cat. Thankyoou! http://[/img]
  10. Best butcher to buy from in the wollongong NSW region? (sorry if its already been mentioned but too many replies to read ) Thanks!!
  11. I think i may need to invest in both types plus a locked cupboard! I think she get just as much excited as me when i get her brand new things, she just wants to play with them! haha! But again thanks for your help!
  12. gripper leashes do look pretty good and sturdy, they also look easy on the hands!
  13. yes i am thinking i have to put all our dog stuff in a completely different place in the house, all her leads collars and toys are in a big box, with another box ontop of that with all their paper work in it, but she manages to knock that box off, its mainly because she knows her toys are in the same box. so i think the best solution is to put it the cats rooms or something seeing as mars isnt allowed in there . i think the reason why the leather lead didnt last long is because is wasnt the best quality of leather, i am looking on a few sites now and have found a few good looking leads and
  14. I do quite a lot of training with her, she is just a very smart dog and knows where i put her leads and collars when not in use, and times when she has chewed them while connected to them is when we are camping and that lead it attached to a rope... most leather leads i have had, when they bend over a certain time they wear away a little at a time. She knows that chewing is bad, but she gets excitement out of it, just like chasing the possums while theyre on the fence. i can always tell when she knows whats wrong, and she is just in her siberian husky mannor I dont have any trouble in handl
  15. >I have a 8 month old siberian husky and the 6 months or so i have owned her, she has managed to chew through 3 different leads, and two collars. I was wondering what the best heavy duty lead would be for that breed of dog, that wont rip my hands up from chains, or wear away over time and rust from water. i do a lot of running with her so i want one that is easy to guide around therefore no leather. I have seen a few leads some breeders use to train, that are very thick and durable but i cannot find appropriate ones for me also collars to fit this standard too Thanks for your help! :)
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