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  1. thank you everyone for your posts Kelley is eating much better now, she is just being fussy now as i put down normal puppy food and no cat food this morning (as i was giving both so atleast she was eating) as she was eating both ... so after putting normal food down and walking away and she looking at me like where the other food i went inside and peeked out the window to see her eating ..... shes put on a heap of weight too which is awesome and i think were almost back to normal im 99% certin it was the vaccine (C5) and ill NEVER do that again !!! shell get c3 at 10 weeks and the spray when needed for boarding thanks again
  2. thats the only reason y i did it i onl ever do c3 .... i thought better to have c5 from teh start then add it later on ... i was wrong ! she didnt eat lunch today but she ate breakfast ...slow but steady i guess
  3. Awesome news! She's a tough little tacker, that's for sure... I'm guessing that you did the all-in-one C5 shot, yes? She will probably do just fine with the C3 plus the intra-nasal KC components instead - I've not heard of many issues with that combo. T. YUP the all in one !!!!!! never again !!!
  4. Puppy's name is Keeley this is the first time ive ever done C5 on a baby, i thought it would be best to keep her on the same vaccine form start to finish as she might be going in kennels before the 12 months shot. ive learnt a lesson and will NEVER do it again ... C3 for babies and the C5 booster closer to boarding ... im going to do C3 at her next one and boost it to C5 a month before we go away so shes got time to react and recover (if she does.....hopefully not!) i ALWAYS do C3, as ive had 25 dogs with Kennel couch who all were vaccinated with c5 so ive never bothered since. i only did it for the kennels and i got a sick pup out of it !!!! so once again let down by C5 !! this morning she came running out with the rest of them (like she always does anyways) and actually ate breakfast with them...regular puppy dry and mince... didnt have to offer her toe cat food to get her to eat so shes hopefully on the mend YAY
  5. thank you very much i never even thought about that seeings as they were vaccinated 5 days earlier ... to think she would react so long after (if thats whats happened) i worry now about doing the C5 vaccination at the 10 weeks ... as they are going into kennels april next would it be best to just do c3 and give her the booster a few weeks prior to the trip ?
  6. interesting you say this .. she is the only pup that got vaccinated with C5 rest where c3...would it react 5 days later a she was fine till wednesday lunch
  7. she was vaccinated 5 days prior ... thanks good idea ... shes my keeper so ill worm her later on once shes better
  8. ahhh yup i see it now they posted twice ...... they got vaccianted the friday prior so nearer to a whole week prior then not ive gotten her to ear some cat food ..... atleast for now its something and she might start to increase her appetite and ill start adding regular food back in in a few days if she continues .....FINGERS CROSSED
  9. i bred the pup i have the whole litter here , shes the only one like it. they were wormed at 6 weeks and are due again now being 8 weeks.
  10. thank you the vet check her belly as she was grunting when u touched it. but it was soft and ok they said ... ill check her mouth .. she did have a small chew on the pigs ear this morning but it barely looks touched thanks ill get some tined fish but id pretty much say shell turn her not to the chicken as she turned her nose to our stew dinner thanks
  11. Got a 8 week old puppy. on wednesday ate lunch, wednesday night didnt get out of bed for tea. temp of 39.3 and taken to the vet, said belly soft seems ok , hydrated bright etc. given shot of antibiotics and some to take home today is friday still barely eaten. temp is normal puppy is happy bright and still playing and doing puppy things but WONT eat. she picked at tea last night and thats it . ive tried usual food (dry & mince) diff dry and mince just mince dog roll cooked dog food cooked human food nutrigel pigs ear turns nose to it all edited to add still drinking pooing and weeing and playing like a healthy puppy ideas?
  12. thanks it just my vet said they would ONLY dog surgical with chilled and dont offer TCI ..... will prob jsut use my other vet for this as i dont see the need to do surgical or even tci for fresh chilled semen i will be using TCI for my frozen semen .
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