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  1. E118 - I believe JNinness has secured a pup as I contacted him about pups in my pembroke litter and he advised me that he had already secured a pup from a lpcal breeder. Please feel free to contact me privately as I am currently sifting through emails looking for a great home for one of my pups after a late pull out from a buyer as they decided that they wanted a girl instead of the boy I have available.
  2. Sorry to post here but we are getting desperate. The Shetland sheepdog club rescue is heavily involved in this. We are needing dog savvy people who may be available Saturday 23 January to assist with search and capture of a sheltie who has been running lose in the Baulkham hills area - last confirmed sighting was Torry burns Reserve between Jasper and Windsor roads on 20/1. We are trying o get as many searchers as possible as there are numerous exit points to this reserve and we keep missing her by minutes each time. We will be meeting at the Jasper street end on Saturday around 8.30 to coordinate volunteers. Near the scout hall If you are in the area and have some free time your help would be appreciated. Delly has now been on the run since 13 January. She is a sable and white desexed bitch (out of coat) her details are listed on the maggies rescue page. Call me on 0400 664 785 if you can attend or even if you live in the area and can keep an eye out for her.
  3. As a Sheltie breeder most of us if using monthly treatments for heartworm use Sentinal (flea and heart worm) or Interceptor (heart worm only) otherwise they use the daily heart worm and treat fleas when required. Steer clear of any mectin based products unless you know the status for ivermectin sensitivity (DNA test required or you need to know the parents DNA status). I note that you are in the central coast - which is a high tick risk area - none of the products you mentioned cover ticks. If having to use something separate for ticks then I would suggest the Interceptor for the monthly heart worm then one of the flea/tick treatments. Your breeder should be able to guide you in what you should be using particularly if they know the status of the parents in relation to mdr1. With a Sheltie you are much more limited in what you can give due to the ivermectin sensitivity - not all vets are knowledgeable in relation to this so please ensure you are diligent in relation to the meds that you give. Good luck with your new pup.
  4. Sires on Ice have had success with Shelties who can be a bit difficult with frozen. A friend also had success with Corgis with Sires on Ice where they had previously failed with someone else. TB
  5. We use OzEntries for the Sheltie Club of NSW Champ Shows. Have found them very easy to use. While yes you do get entries from different sources it is easy enough to amalgamate the different sources together. You may find that some exhibitors will only enter shows that are online so that they can pay by credit card or paypal as some people do not have a cheque book. Last time I looked I think over 50% of our entries were done via Ozentries. I used to do the catalogue for our club and would close the entries on oz Entries when I was about to start work on it ( ie if that is 10pm on a Sunday night then so be it). It is much easier to have a definitive cut off on Oz Entries that you can give a last warning to potential exhibitors - you can post on facebook etc that entries are closing at 10pm on Monday night and that is it - no further entries accepted From an exhibitors point of view if your entry processes on OzEntries you are deemed to be entered ( even if you turn up on the day and you are not in the catalog if you have your ozentry receipt that is proof you have entered - no risk of entries being lost or delayed in the post. Given that it costs the clubs nothing to use OzEntries or the other one - why would you not use them ( may get you another could of entries) also it means that your show schedule is visible to those people in other states so you could end up with some interstaters attending.
  6. My shelties love to go bike riding with us. They would do about 7 Kms . My boy loves it and would go much further if given the chance. His mum who is now a little on the podgy side would only do about 4 kms. Usually the oh goes with me and we take anywhere fom 2 to 4 shelties with us.
  7. My shelties love to go bike riding with us. They would do about 7 Kms . My boy loves it and would go much further if given the chance. His mum who is now a little on the podgy side would only do about 4 kms. Usually the oh goes with me and we take anywhere fom 2 to 4 shelties with us.
  8. I use these to run my shelties beside my bike. They love it. I can take 2 at a time and it means they can't get in front of the wheels .
  9. Received the email and thought it might be time to do some shopping Last time I got lots of good stuff
  10. Very exciting - looking forward to more photos of her antics.
  11. Stay away from anything with lots of patterns/ multiple colours etc. saw someone a few weeks ago with a blue Merle pup with a very bright suit splashed with lots of different colours and it ended up being very distracting .
  12. Another one for Quakers Hill Vet - I always ring to find out who is on first if you are wanting to more than just standard vaccinations - The 3 senior vets Blair, Matt and Michael ( although they each have there areas of expertise)are all very good. They also have great hours of availability and are open Sunday mornings as well. They also do a lot of their own after hours emergency work unlike a number of other clinics which refer you to the specialist after hours centres. TB
  13. Pangenics for the shelties. Keeps the coats nice and healthy and the right texture. Also find that the drying time is greatly reduced using the products. A little goes a log way with the shampoo - I can do 2 shelties with about a twent cent piece size of shampoo that I have diluted in 1 litre of water that I then spray through the coats and rub through with a sponge. I usually rub the conditioner through the day before bathing. I also use the conditioner between baths on the furnishings to reduce coat breakage. Prior to this I was using Isle of Dogs and before that Plush Puppy. - I use the left over of these on the non show dogs. TB
  14. Glad the patients are improving. Ticks are extremely bad this year. A friend had 3 pups go down with ticks even though they had been using Advantix religously and the pups were being kept in a raised run with mosquito netting over the top. They have also had an adult go down even though the dog had a tick collar and had been FrontLined. Don't even want to think of the vet bills. Makes me glad that I live in suburbia with no wild life around to bring the bloody things in. TB
  15. Goodluck with the impending litter Shesa. Are you still going elective c section? We did for Gabby and it was so much less stress and being a singleton decided to not take the risk to let her go naturally. It made life so much less stressful - we knew exactly when the pup was going to arrive and then we had several hours to get mum and pup settled before night. The OH was taking my mum to her medical appointments while I was at the vets. TB
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