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  1. Internal Stitches

    We are at the vet and the vet is trying to get Remy's sutures out as he is concerned that infection may travel down the bits as they work themselves out. The vet said "he's just not good at dissolving stitches".
  2. Internal Stitches

    Like I said in my original post, I rang the vet and am taking him in on Monday. Just wanted to be armed with information when I go. ☺️
  3. Internal Stitches

    He is not old. He was born in February this year. The wound on his elbow is still scabbed and weepy, thus the concern. Poor little pupper!
  4. At the beginning of September (15th) my dog got a histiocytoma removed from his elbow. At the same time he got desexed. After surgery, the vet told me she used internal stitches. It's now 11 November and I've been keeping an eye on his wounds. He still has scabs and this afternoon when I got the scab off, a stitch came out of the wound. I felt along the incision, and I can feel little lumps under the skin on both his elbow wound and his desexing wound. I rang the vet and they want to see him Monday. Is there a reason why internal stitches wouldn't have dissolved? Any other reason why his wounds are still scabby two months post-surgery? Anyone had any similar experiences?
  5. The last time she was out with a boy dog she humped his face. Thank god she came home Fran. :)
  6. When You Leave The House

    I voted other. I keep my boy contained in the laundry. So I really needed "contained inside".
  7. Grooming Question

    I'm using Advantix at the moment, and I don't show him so it's not a BIG deal. I just get cranky with it when I'm grooming him. :p
  8. Grooming Question

    I washed him yesterday, and it's been 3 weeks since his last treatment. It's not just a temporary thing unfortunately.
  9. Grooming Question

    My dog's coat goes all fluffy and sticks up where I put his flea/tick treatment. He's a cocker and I don't clip him. It stops doing it if I treat orally, but we have ticks in the area and I don't know of an oral tick treatment? Anyone have any clues on how to get it to stay down?
  10. Dogs Queensland Registration

    Seeing as no one else has answered I'll give it a whirl. Breeders who are members of Dogs Queensland have to do an exam to get registered. If they say they are registered with DQ that's good in my books. Ask the breeder who they are registered with. I take it you've got someone in mind and aren't looking for breeders?
  11. Dogs Queensland Registration

    From what I know, you only have to be a member of Dogs Queensland if you wish to show your dog. If your dog is intended as a pet, then there's no need. Some breeders will do tests on the parent animals to see if they are carriers etc for the condition you are concerned about. This can tell you the chances of your pup getting it. Others will give you more in-depth answers. :) PS: What breed are you looking at? :D
  12. Tasmanian Petshop Puppies Probe

    That's not what I'm implying. If I meant that, I would say that. I said they wouldn't think to include their dog. i.e. Up until a few years ago, I would never have thought a dog could get an insurance policy.
  13. Tasmanian Petshop Puppies Probe

    Mmmmmm, because good old (mythical)"hybrid vigour" that keeps dogs away from vets might be a good selling point when it comes to selling crossbred mutts? I agree with your comment re the owners who are more likely to insure their dogs. Souff And yet earlier in the article, it talks about a crossbreed mutt that only lived to be 5 months old due to kidney failure. Derrrrrrrr, article.