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  1. Dangerous Dog Laws

    If it is harassing and no harm is done it can be declared menacing (not dangerous) e.g. in Queensland. That would even be a dog that just frigthenes someone. In NSW they are refered to as nuisance http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/fragview/inforce/act+87+1998+pt.3-div.1-sec.21+0+N?autoquery=(Content%3D((%22dog%22)%20AND%20(%22dangerous%22)))%20AND%20((Type%3D%22act%22%20AND%20Repealed%3D%22N%22)%20OR%20(Type%3D%22subordleg%22%20AND%20Repealed%3D%22N%22))&dq=Document%20Types%3D%22Acts,%20Regs%22,%20Any%20Words%3D%22dangerous%22,%20Exact%20Phrase%3D%22dog%22,%20Search%20In%3D%22Text%22&fullquery=(((%22dog%22)%20AND%20(%22dangerous%22)))&tocnav=y
  2. People Who Know About Dog Trailers

    from what I heard they have made some changes with Toledo to reduce the leaking.
  3. Herding Talk Thread

    Beautiful pictures, love the corgi!
  4. Dog Trailer And Temperature

    Thanks for all the replies. :D I have now heard all good stories about Toledo and Cruising canines. (Toledo one bad story). Now all I have to ask how heavy they are. (After reading the thread about the Rotti owner with the Trek trailer that had 720kg empty weight (750kg is allowed without breaks). Did you install breaks in yours FlissPrideaux?
  5. Council Seizing & Destroying Staffy's

    That is the question, if we don't recognize breeds as breeds, just because the FCI does not recognize them. Like German coolies, about 6 german herding breeds and so many more. I realize that there was a lot of cross breeding at some stage. However the pit bulls in Germany were destincly different from "staffis". https://sites.google.com/site/sothernsaintkennels/collection/American-Pit-Bull-Terrier-Breed-Info/american-pit-bull-terrier-registry-s-and-breed-standards On testing: http://www.dog-dna.com/dog-breed-testing.php I know there have been studies to evaluate exactly this, since a lot of places have problems destinguising the one breed from the others (if there is ban on jut one). So for the interested there will be material out there. I am sure that Brisbane City Council had a grant on that topic a few years back (approximately 4 years). I am not saying that genetic breed testing will solve everyone's problem, (especially since a ban on certain breeds has never been a solution, a ban on certain owners would be), however it might be a start.
  6. Council Seizing & Destroying Staffy's

    I know that there have been publications and a lot of research done, on genetic markers in Pitbulls and Staffis. Maybe there is a way of proofing what they are?
  7. Dog Trailer And Temperature

    Thank you very much. :) Especially the trip around, good thinking. I had a feel of a Toledo trailer and I was amazed how cool it was, although it was very hot outside. Amazing! Anyone experience with a cruising canine one?
  8. Digging With A Purpose

    Blocking the area has already been described. Here is another idea. Val Bonnie suggests in her book to put the dogs poo where the dog diggs. Works a treat, really. If I have a new plant I put a bit of poo under the top layer of potting mix. They don't touch it. Also important is to avoid any kind of blood and bone meal.
  9. I am researching trailers at the moment and have found what I have to look out for: weight, size, price, place for stuff and most importantly: leaking and temperature. There seems to be quiet some difference in temperature/insulation and ventilation. Im interested how trailers compare in hot weather. Is it cool enough to keep the dogs inside? Do you have to put shade up? Especially interested in the cruising canine trailer.
  10. People Who Know About Dog Trailers

    Hi I think, the small one was reduced from about $6.500 to $5000 and the large one from about $8500 to $7000. Trailers seem to keep their price , there is 16 year old ones that cost $2500. Does Hial damage increases the possibility of leakage?