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  1. I would have to know someone really well, or they pet/house sit professionally with references, before I left my dog with them. Specially where other dogs are involved.
  2. My thoughts are with you. Typical beautiful dobie, love to run and run. They leave such a big whole in our hearts. I hope you're doing okay.
  3. Such a beautiful tribute to your Bosley. My heart breaks for you.❤
  4. Sars, the old cold air trick, gets me all the time! It's a real bugger! I've been on pred for over 30 years sars, I can't remember any early side effects other than being more hungry than usual. I don't experience any side effects these days, but it works really well on me, so hopefully you'll see a difference soon. Don't struggle with your breathing, use your Ventolin.
  5. Sars, you can get quite smalll spacers these days. Good handbag size. My original one is a huge, bulbous shape, which is too bulky to cart around.
  6. Sars, all great advice above. You may also need to revisit your asthma prevention plan with your doctor , GP or Specialist. Raise with them how many puffs per day you are taking of your preventative. I use Seratide, two puffs morning, two puffs nightly. If I'm sick, I increase to include two puffs at lunch time. Prednisone is an asthmatic's lifesaver. Not sure if you're on that at the moment, but if I'm a "bit far gone" , it's my next go to drug. I'm quite allergic to a lot of things, including dogs and cats. I have a doberman and two cats in the house, one being a fluffy ragdoll. I have foun
  7. What a dreadful situation. My aunt who is 73 has just lost her elderly dog. The day after Benny died, one of her neighbours offered her a 6 month old Maltese cross. This lady also owns a 4 year old poodle, but felt the young pup wasn't a proper fit. My aunt feels the dogs are fine, and the owner is a bit of a worrier. Since the offer, the other lady has been quite undecided as to whether she really wants the dog gone. My aunt has told her that it is too soon for her to take on another dog as she is still grieving, but she is also feeling that this may backfire and they ask for the dog back. S
  8. Cute! Jeff's name really suits him. I love people names on dogs!
  9. Our old dobie wasn't happy at their arrival, but once in the door was happy to watch whatever they did. I'm sure she had the ability to change a waterpump in a dishwasher, she watched every move so intently. Young dobe is either crated, behind the baby gate, or popped on the back deck. She's not as interested in learning new skills!
  10. !!!!! Oh Dear ;) Yep, doberman cops the same as well. But funny enough, it was also while we had a greyhound, and they would be standing side by side. ???? Yeah LOL! "What's that crossed with" or "What kind of GSD or GSD x is that" is pretty common and I can't blame people for not recognizing what is a pretty uncommon breed but Greyhound does make me giggle. I remember years ago, I had Jeddah training with Sue Harper. A group of older teenage boys were watching, when finally one got up the courage to approach. Apparently he and his mates were convinced Jeddah was a Rottweiler
  11. !!!!! Oh Dear ;) Yep, doberman cops the same as well. But funny enough, it was also while we had a greyhound, and they would be standing side by side. ????
  12. So seriously adorable, both of them. Lovely to see that they enjoy each other's company.
  13. I haven't DDD, I must look on my mobile, haven't got any on my tablet. I'm a bit worried about my Aunt, as she's on her own and Benny was her only pet. We chatted last time he was sick, that if she decided to get another dog, we would take it on if anything happened her. She's missed having a cat, as Benny wasn't good with cats. So she may go down that path. It's such a shock though, he had been so well lately.
  14. Well DDD, I mentioned that Danny looked so much like my Aunt's Benny. We lost Benny this week too. He was 16 years and 8 months. I think he was the most loved member of our extended family. He had similar health problems as your Danny too. Two little fluffballs in our hearts.
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