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  1. Western Australian Thread

    This talk of puppies is killing me .... 7 more sleeps to go. wooohooo!
  2. Western Australian Thread

    That sounds complex! Could the extra gear go in the footwells of the back seats with the (collapsed) crates on their edges, leaning up against the front seats?
  3. Western Australian Thread

    Oh dear! How old is your bundle of terror?
  4. Western Australian Thread

    She sure is! LOL ... I should have read all of the posts before I started replying.
  5. Western Australian Thread

    That is a funny coincidence! (I am actually a Fiona, Feebee came about as a nickname when I worked with anohter Fiona. We became FeeA and FeeB)
  6. Western Australian Thread

    Feebeez - if you want to see some GSPs doing something different, come and have a look at the WA Sleddog Sports Assoc race in Gnangara on the 26th/27th May. If you google WASSA you will see details closer to the date. Hi Tubmleweed, we do intend coming to see some sledding, just haven't managed to get there yet (the kids will keep getting birthday invitations that clash!) If you are into sledding then you would know Coco's Mum & Dad (Axel and Coda, owned by Michelle)
  7. Western Australian Thread

    Thanks Mason! Yep, we are smitten with the breed CrazyCresties. Yesterday we were able to select our pup from the litter of 13. Here is our little Coco. Can't wait to bring her home and have sleepless nights and the house in chaos :D
  8. Western Australian Thread

    It's at Arthur River, sorry I don't know more details than that. Next Sunday the retrieving trial is at Upper Swan I do know the directions to that :) Ahh, thanks for the info. Arthur River is a bit far away! Upper Swan is much more do-able, but I think our weekend is already full
  9. Western Australian Thread

    Hi everyone, we are rather impatiently waiting for our puppy (a GSP) to arrive ... only 14 days to go. I am trying to work out from the DogsWest schedule if there is anything on this weekend that we can go and watch. I *think* there is a retrieving event on, but I don't think it is at Dogs West, and I can't work out where it is happening. We're very interesting in going to watch. Can anyone give me any details about it? Thanks :)
  10. Odd Behaviour

    A lot of what you mention sound like symptoms of anxiety.
  11. Pet Craft Links

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned.... www.ravelry.com Has heaps of knitting and crochet patterns, a lot of them are free. There are quite a few things in there for dogs eg a tuxedo dog sweater, knitted bone, various knitted toys .... there is even some knitted dog poo (hmmm) You do need to register to use the site, but membership is free. There are also a lot of people in the forums to help with any knitting/crochet questions.