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  1. I used to check loose dogs tags and call the owners and I have taken dogs to the pound or rspca in the past, then I stopped for two dogs one day with no collars, they gave me signs to say don't approach, I got back in my car (my young kids were inside the car) and left. I think I called the pound to search for them. Those same dogs over 24 hours attacked several people and one ended up shot dead. I have never stopped for a stray since. I wish I could but not after that. I see lots on Facebook which state the microchip is not registered or details not up to date which is sad. Without knowing why a stray is loose its hard not to give owners the benefit of the doubt, once. I also don't understand why lots of people take the stray home and feed it. So many pets are on special diets and a few extra hours are not going to kill the animal, except in an extreme case in which a big feed probably could kill a starving dog huh, no win situation.
  2. I always wonder if a dog has simply managed to get out as it is too easy for people to think their yard is secure and become complacent with checking, or for somebody to think they have latched a gate properly when they haven't. Having said that though, I know a person whose dog was actually stolen by their tenant (dual occupancy block) a few days after she had 'done a runner' which she then sold to somebody she knew in another town. Thankfully social media tracked down the dog and the person who had purchased the dog contacted the real owner and returned the dog without asking about the reward or a refund as they were going to ensure their friend the thief repaid the money to the innocent buyer who didn't think to check the microchip etc. still too many people who don't bother about things like that sadly. At least in this case theft was proven and dog returned safely. Hmmm, also knew a person who told me that before I knew them they got sick of seeing the same stray dog on the street and started caring for it on and off and then decided to keep it and had it desexed too. No, I don't think much of a person who does that even though the dog is safe and spoiled rotten. I had a dog go missing twenty years ago and I still cry for her and want to know what happened to her so taking in a possible stray is also not really okay.
  3. Saw another product at the pet store this week, an electronic tag called Mitey Shield and according to staff its supposed to be good for ticks, even paralysis ticks and fleas. Has anyone tried them or heard good or bad on them. They look expensive but if they beat paralysis ticks... I think I saw a price of $65 for the one for small dogs but can't be sure and don't know how long they work for, vague memory the staffer said four months but less for fleas maybe.
  4. My whippet Obie has a Whippetwear Cocoon bed and he looooves it, took him a few weeks to work out how to use it but a few treats just inside it and he was 'in like flynn' funniest thing is when he's inside and the small white fluffy lays on top of the entrance trapping him hahaha. Definitely a great buy for me as in winter he will even go sleep in his own bed instead of nosing under the blankets of my bed :)
  5. Thanks gillbear, just had a pm this afternoon and looks like I've found a home for it with a rescuer in the ACT afterall and since I now have to travel up again in the new year, she won't miss out :) I just didn't want to waste something so useful and my fostering days are over for a fair while now, I'll track another one down when I am in a position to foster again.
  6. I have an enclosure I used to use when fostering kittens which I would like to donate to an ACT Rescue group. It's sbout 160cm tall so a good size, have only had up to four young kittens in it and once a mum n bubs, when they weren't running round playing in the lounge room :) Has the shelving and ladders and a couple of litter trays, hasn't been used in over two years and never had kittens with diseases/illnesses so no known diseases. My two cats still like to sleep in it on the odd occasion if I leave the door open to it, they are disease free too. Is on castor wheels for easy moving. Does have a little bit of surface rust in places and needs a hose to get the dust off. I can't attach a photo on the iPad as I don't know how to resize on an iPad but happy to email a photo. I am travelling to Canberra tomorrow, Sunday 21st of December and enclosure will be available for collection from Fraser until Tuesday 23rd of December. If anyone wants it please let me know, rescue groups only as I'm donating it not selling it. If no interest in it before I leave the coast tomorrow morning then I will leave it at home. Sorry if I'm not supposed to post this here. Cheers
  7. It might be worth going and asking the aged care facilities what their requirements are for pets as therapy to visit their sites. Where I work it's more a case of well behaved well controlled pets and of course on lead. As far as the human volunteer, lots of paperwork for criminal record checks etc which can take up to a few months from getting it, completing it and then the facility processing it. Our residents are as excited at seeing pets as they are children and the enjoyment they get out of just a quick pat of a dog is worth a million dollars. I'd love to see more people bring their pets in. I have a lovely lady who used to have boxers and my whippet is about the absolute polar opposite face of a boxer but she loves his visits and looks forward to every time I take him in. If you think Ernie would enjoy it then I totally recommend dropping in and finding out what the facility requirements are. I have no issue with training courses and qualifications, but you may find Ernie has to be a certain age to do the test. Last time I looked they had to be two but that was a while ago.
  8. When I moved out of home I spent hours on the phone to breeders and a small fortune on books ordered from America and then finally, I put a deposit on my very first dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier. She was a fantastic first dog for me, she loved people, loved dogs but wasn't real keen on training or showing so she got her Australian title, a Canine Good Companion Certificate and then we dropped out of all that stuff and just enjoyed life until she passed away at nearly twelve. I have had three AmStaffs, a gorgeous rottie, and currently still have a small white fluffy, a sheep dog and the spoiled rotten Obie, whippet of mass destruction, another lunge succumbed today :) I think today's AmStaffs are different to 20 odd years ago and are not perhaps as suitable for first time owners who haven't grown up around dogs. Here's my first AmStaff, Zoe aged three, she's about four weeks pregnant in this pic, I kept one pup, Bindi, she's the second photo and was probably my heart dog. Excuse the quality, photos of old photos.
  9. Hi kc, Don't feel bad, my cousin lives in the same area as you and I and she can handle her dogs feet and play with them and everything, except clip them, he's five now and she takes him to the vet for sedation on a regular basis, takes him home (I think) and trims his nails. I don't think she stays for the vet to do them, just gets the sedation done. Admittedly he does tend to rule the house a bit so I don't know who has trained who but there is no way she can trim his nails and the vets can't do it without sedation either. Good luck, I hope you get a solution, just wanted you to know others do have sedation done. I'm blessed with dogs that accept it, thank goodness!
  10. I can also vouch for the girls at the local pound/RSPCA, and the rangers here that I know are pretty sensible too. I don't think you would be the first person to adopt a dog you were handing in that wasn't legally yours. Only reason I've seen a dog not placed on hold for a prospective home is when the prospective home was not good enough. It used to be 8 days for unchipped dogs, 14 for chipped. Could you 'plant the seed' of keeping the dog because you're becoming attached to the silly dog and perhaps talk about how friendly it is and how loving and that there's not a mean bone in it's body. Maybe that it would lick somebody to death first so maybe she would be best not to spend anymore money on it since she wants a guard dog after all, and maybe eventually she would sell to you for a minimal amount, and yes, as others have said, definitely have a receipt of sale ready so all she has to do is sign :D
  11. I read the book about these dogs, The Lost Dogs, the beginning was gut wrenching, made me cry but I kept going and the success stories and these wonderful people that worked so hard to save so many dogs and the futures the dogs had was incredible. Thank goodness for these people that got in and helped the dogs. So glad Hector had such a wonderful seven years with kindness and love.
  12. I've got a few of the water feature bowls from nurseries in my yard too. I told the nursery what they were for and they just said make sure I give them a good wash first and pointed me to the sealed bowls. Never had one spill but I've also never had a dog try.
  13. Sorry, I don't know how to link, was reading the local free paper and came across a classified advert promoting a Facebook page called Protect Shoalhaven Dogs and appears to be about petitioning local council to put on more rangers to deal with stray dogs and dog attacks etc and makes reference to ...you guessed it breed not deed. I'm not bringing it to attention to create angst between DOL users, just thought some in this region may be interested to read it. The page appears to have only been created a week or so back as a result of a dog owner having her beagle attacked and hearing other people don't walk their dogs for fear of strays. I'm all for responsible dog ownership and being in control of your dog when outside your own property but I'm not into punishing by breed. Having had my on-lead whippet rushed as a six month old pup at an off leash beach the first time ever I took him near a beach I got a huge fright, thankfully no injuries, no future behaviour changes in Obie, but I am hesitant to walk my dogs because one of my others is frightened of other dogs. I was happy to walk her on lead until a very boisterous friendly big dog broke away from her handler and raced up to Flipp who I jumped in front of like a mad woman worried she would bite the loose dog due to fear while yelling to the other owner that my dog was frightened and her friendly dog might get bitten if she didn't catch it. All good in the end and she was apologetic and understood the reason her friendly dog wasn't okay to rush my scared dog but end result, another dog I dont walk, for others safety. Thankfully I have access to a farm for plenty of ripping and racing in safety. So, back to the newspaper ad, I thought the petition would be interesting to read but seems very light on detail, here's a bit I've managed to copy and paste, stupid iPads :) "Dog attacks can result in tragedy for all people and animals involved. By helping support this petition, the Shoalhaven community can get the local council to commit to further action in controlling the issue of stray dogs. Such action can include more available rangers patrolling the shoalhaven region, stricter laws when dogs considered of a dangerous or restricted breed are involved, ensure all owners are adhering to the council approved policies of pet ownership and off leash prohibited area guides, and making sure all domestic animals are in homes both safe, happy, and secure. Please make the Shoalhaven rural area a safe place for all animals and people. You can also comment and tell of your experiences with stray dogs on our Facebook page: "
  14. I wonder if it's the little female 11 week old JRT pup on their Facebook page which is listed as having been adopted on 9 October? Facebook is Clarence Valley Council Animal Pound, i hope I understood correctly that this is also Grafton, it did link from the Grafton page.
  15. I was starting to think my boy was the only vacuum dog that wasn't slowed down by a slow feeder bowl. Obie is a whippet vacuum too and I took to scattering his food because the slow feeder bowl didn't slow him up at all. I also still feed two of my dogs near each other but only when I am standing in between, Obie learned easily not to go past me to the other bowl. Edited to add there is a dusty slow feeder bowl in my cupboard if you want it.
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