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  1. VERY URGENT Please see Community helping Campbelltown cats below assisting adoption, fostering, pledging etc pls share the posts to help Community helping Campbelltown Cats
  2. Sorry missed this post here is a link to renbury cats Renbury cats
  3. No Second Chance For Dog At Logan Pound

    Any updates on latest stats here ?
  4. See Ya Charlie

    Thank you for sharing - he was a very special family member. Hope you can give some more love to another soon.
  5. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Help save the furry ones website Help save the furry ones facebook 7 Kelvin Rd Ingle Farm Sth Australia, Australia 5098 Phone 0411 763 000
  6. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Spoke to Animal Welfare League SA & Dog and Cat Management South Australia - suggesting you do your own research to the person starting the question on the post & informative for NSW or others perhaps we should be doing it this way -have not reviewed all of their info. Here is a copy p 27 RH column of the brochure for what to do with stray cats - Signs of a cat that is owned & not a stray -as long as they are identified as not owned (which means they could be taken to a vet to check ID chipping)& believed they are abandoned they can be rehomed or kept yourself with recommendation of desexing & ID chipping. SA Cat owners handbook The suggestion for prosecuting (which I agree with) would be very difficult as there are more serious reasons and its costly for any of these organisations to do - this obtained from information given and my own knowledge. I am very thankful of this exercise as I have learnt some valuable information which will be used in future. I hope the cats have a good outcome & will make further suggestions if anyone wants them. Here are resources from SA government for their state Resources good cat ownership SA Dog & Cat Management (08) 8124 4962 Animal Welfare League (08) 4348 1300
  7. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Thank you pls help try to change the law. I am not saying break the law - is it the law not to feed another stray pet kangaroo any animal is that kindnes? (I think that is advice via a website) that is a worry - would you do that to a stray child? Where are we going to in our modern world?
  8. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    RSPCA stats Australia 2010-2011 Someone asked for statistics for RSPCA A big concern I have is that those lost are not advertised widely on their page (even to find where to look quickly) should be front page and those for sale rehoming often don't have photos - slightly improved but a quick check (for cats)still not good. Sorry this is just for information as if others know they may say something it then helps improve chances for all pets.
  9. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    I have now been given 4 contact in South Australia who could help with this situation - hoping for contact Out of anyone in the world I abide by laws - I am not trying to give advice against the law perhaps a vet or someone who takes them will advise further in her state. How many people are breaking the law by neglecting their pets (& draconic laws need change) you can take pets to vets to be scanned they don't have to go to the pound and they are on this person's property. Just thought it a good place to share the other info. Thanks I appreciate your point. regards Cheryl
  10. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Hello everyone - these cats sound like they are not starving as this lovely person who is posting the question is asking what to do and feeding them at the moment. Obviously needing short/long term advice- do any of the people here have cats or like them who are replying with advice? or want to help the terrible situation of dogs and cats being put to sleep for decades now - not the original intention of the people who created shelters etc. see "When the early founders of the animal protection movement died and their organizations took over the job of killing those they had been formed to protect" American No Kill Advocacy saving pets No kill australia Many many APOLOGIES for sharing this information but many people are not on facebook and I had not come across this myself until late last year I think it is something everyone needs to be aware of - even if you don't agree. Thank you all for caring. I am hoping someone will make contact so I can put them in a direction to help. sorry if my phone is diverting to work do text if needed. cherylv
  11. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Please be positive - they can be rehomed they can be helped if you try - I help with many rescue groups sydney nsw australia & worldwide and due to all the networking on facebook this is achieved - it is not easy but it happens. This includes very feral cats. I have already had someone ask where are you located as her vet helps with check if microchipped, etc & rehome if necessary. Understand about the rules however they are draconic & will be changed. I was told by the pound at renbury.com.au NSW (west of sydney) to join facebook if you want to help - that is what I did and it is helping rehome most dogs from that pound & many many more cats than before. (I am not giving me credit but saying I network & link others) I am also actively working with others to stop this killing of healthy pets & get them desexed and ID chipped etc. There are many ways people can help it does not just take money. Pls try cherylv
  12. What To Do - Abandoned Cats

    Suggest not to take them to the pound they will be killed. I can try to put in touch with rescue group & to share them on facebook - any photos description male desexed colour etc pls - are you in south australia ? cherylv
  13. I will get back to you as they do runs from renbury blacktown hawkesbury saving cats kittens - we can connect up somewhere keep in touch -perhaps email me with your number will work out logistics [email protected] tks so much
  14. Please Help Me Save My Dog

    Just in case this is of help - have not read all the posts- have you tried Bach rescue drops they are used for people also just googled & found this link - it may be USA but you can buy them in health food shops and chemists usually Bach rescue remedy also I used a herbal product for my cat years ago they released it via the vet it seemed to work - will have to try to find the name. PM me if you want to find it. They had one for dogs also. A friend of mine gets a special chew that they buy & cut into strips takes ages to get through and keeps their dog occupied - they also have a walker come once or twice a week when they are at work - agree expensive but maybe you could share (say do something for them instead of exchanging money. Hope this helps a little cherylv
  15. I am trying to help cat rescue group in Taree & they have carers in Sydney Central coast etc - If anyone has any left over food eg as above opened other cats don't like pls say so will connect you to see if you can pass it on there is also Maggies Rescue Carlton way who look after dogs also. Maggies rescue Cherylv