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  1. SUPER URGENT CATS 26/4//17 12.3- Hawkesbury pound URGENT CATS HAWKESBURY WED 26/4 Fbk link to share
  2. copying EUTHANASIA for DOGS is scheduled at Campbelltown Pound Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 2pm. Links to the most urgent dogs are below. xo - - - - - - - - We are at full capacity with dogs. Euthanasia is scheduled for 2pm Tuesday 11th. Please contact me if you’re able to help with any of the dogs below: Cal:…/…/DogsCatsForSale/28526 Harley:…/…/DogsCatsForSale/28785 Seth:…/…/DogsCatsForSale/28701 Buddy:…/…/DogsCatsForSale/28772 Franky:…/…/DogsCatsForSale/28841 Kind regards Merryn Benham Companion Animal Rehoming Officer Campbelltown City Council P: +61 2 4645 4373
  4. New arrivals kittens at pound Griffith kittens
  5. Links Qld help for Cyclone Debbie -pls share
  6. Try this link Griffith Pound and rehoming
  7. Mildura pound cats pls share
  8. copying *** EUTHANASIA CONFIRMED FOR DOGS *** Unfortunately due to the Shelter getting ANOTHER 12 Dogs today they have no choice but to let everyone know they will need to euthanize to make room for more incoming dogs. The Shelter is over capacity and with so many unmicrochipped dogs coming in and people not collecting their dogs their is no other choice. Rescue has been alerted but there is only so much they can do ( if anything as most are full aswell ). Please Share our Dogs for Adoption and know that all the small dogs Chi, Poodle etc eont need help as they have a string of names for Adoption. The most urgent dogs are those that have been surrendered and that are Overdue. Some of these dogs have been at the Shelter since December / January. Please no Pound Bashing we aren't wasting our time replying. FoHCAS will reduce the Adoption Fee of some of the Over Due Dogs buy $100. PLEASE SHARE! Hawkesbury friends link
  9. Here is a better album of all cats needing out of pound Canterbury cats Sydney
  10. Some gorgeous pusscats here pls share the posts Canterbury gorgeous cats Emma puss
  11. PLEASE SHARE VENUS 4 months old needs out of pound - Venus Canterbury pound Sydney
  12. See info here Blacktown Pound cats reduced see post for those reduced before 20/3/17 copying ~ ADOPT THIS WEEKEND ~Our facility is very full of cats right now and we are urgently seeking anyone with room in their home and heart to adopt one of our cats.PLEASE SHARE to help them find a new home and if you are interested in adopting a kitty, please visit our facility this weekend.
  13. Urgent!!! - CANTERBURY POUND - PLEASE SHARE (Sydney) Tiger has found himself in the pound through no fault of his own. Let down by my humans. he urgently needs to find a forever home where he can be safe and loved for the rest of his life. Medical Notes Adoption fee is $125 the and includes 1st and second vaccination st vaccination, desexing, microchipping, flea and worm treatment and council registration... If you are interested in adopting Tulip or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us during our business hours of 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12noon Saturday and Sunday on (02) 9709 6844. Canterbury pound URGENT Cats
  14. Dogs cats kittens for adoption at pound pls share Queanbeyan pets
  15. CAMPELLTOWN FRIENDS LINK Pls share very urgent before Tuesday 31/1