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  1. Here is a better album of all cats needing out of pound Canterbury cats Sydney
  2. Some gorgeous pusscats here pls share the posts Canterbury gorgeous cats Emma puss
  3. PLEASE SHARE VENUS 4 months old needs out of pound - Venus Canterbury pound Sydney
  4. See info here Blacktown Pound cats reduced see post for those reduced before 20/3/17 copying ~ ADOPT THIS WEEKEND ~Our facility is very full of cats right now and we are urgently seeking anyone with room in their home and heart to adopt one of our cats.PLEASE SHARE to help them find a new home and if you are interested in adopting a kitty, please visit our facility this weekend.
  5. Urgent!!! - CANTERBURY POUND - PLEASE SHARE (Sydney) Tiger has found himself in the pound through no fault of his own. Let down by my humans. he urgently needs to find a forever home where he can be safe and loved for the rest of his life. Medical Notes Adoption fee is $125 the and includes 1st and second vaccination st vaccination, desexing, microchipping, flea and worm treatment and council registration... If you are interested in adopting Tulip or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us during our business hours of 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12noon Saturday and Sunday on (02) 9709 6844. Canterbury pound URGENT Cats
  6. Dogs cats kittens for adoption at pound pls share Queanbeyan pets
  7. CAMPELLTOWN FRIENDS LINK Pls share very urgent before Tuesday 31/1
  8. I am posting here so people can go back to one place to find the post Queanbeyan Kittens Cats at pound copying There's lots of gorgeous kittens at Queanbeyan pound looking for homes. For more info please contact Queanbeyan pound directly 6285 6269 or via email to [email protected] Address: Corner of Ellerton Drive and Old Sydney Road, Queanbeyan East Hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 10.00 am, 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm | Saturday: 1.00pm - 5.00pm DOGS just some of them link here
  9. Sorry missed this post here is a link to renbury cats Renbury cats
  10. Any updates on latest stats here ?
  11. Thank you for sharing - he was a very special family member. Hope you can give some more love to another soon.
  12. Help save the furry ones website Help save the furry ones facebook 7 Kelvin Rd Ingle Farm Sth Australia, Australia 5098 Phone 0411 763 000
  13. Spoke to Animal Welfare League SA & Dog and Cat Management South Australia - suggesting you do your own research to the person starting the question on the post & informative for NSW or others perhaps we should be doing it this way -have not reviewed all of their info. Here is a copy p 27 RH column of the brochure for what to do with stray cats - Signs of a cat that is owned & not a stray -as long as they are identified as not owned (which means they could be taken to a vet to check ID chipping)& believed they are abandoned they can be rehomed or kept yourself with recommendation of desexing & ID chipping. SA Cat owners handbook The suggestion for prosecuting (which I agree with) would be very difficult as there are more serious reasons and its costly for any of these organisations to do - this obtained from information given and my own knowledge. I am very thankful of this exercise as I have learnt some valuable information which will be used in future. I hope the cats have a good outcome & will make further suggestions if anyone wants them. Here are resources from SA government for their state Resources good cat ownership SA Dog & Cat Management (08) 8124 4962 Animal Welfare League (08) 4348 1300
  14. Thank you pls help try to change the law. I am not saying break the law - is it the law not to feed another stray pet kangaroo any animal is that kindnes? (I think that is advice via a website) that is a worry - would you do that to a stray child? Where are we going to in our modern world?
  15. RSPCA stats Australia 2010-2011 Someone asked for statistics for RSPCA A big concern I have is that those lost are not advertised widely on their page (even to find where to look quickly) should be front page and those for sale rehoming often don't have photos - slightly improved but a quick check (for cats)still not good. Sorry this is just for information as if others know they may say something it then helps improve chances for all pets.