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  1. Hi We are heading OS in May and need to find somewhere for Rosie. Not keen on a kennel. No family members to help so when searching for a pet sitter that would have her at their home I came across this site. Has anyone used them before? Just looking for feedback. Cheers
  2. I have started looking at the raw food thread. There is so much information my head is spinning! Is a raw food diet much more expensive than a dry food diet?
  3. Hi She weighs 5.5kg she is currently having about 75g twice a day pf BH puppy. She has liver treats, dentastix, chicken wings frozen, pork chews. Only one small treat a day or if we are trying to train her. Thanks will check the link out
  4. So a raw diet cuts down on poo? I will go and find some info on the raw diet. Does it make a difference to the odour/consistancy of the poo which has been fine til now! My goodness what a topic lol
  5. My 10 mo Cav is on Blackhawk she is healthy lovely coat no wind but she poos a lot or what seems like a lot to me (3-4 times a day?) The poo is solid so perhaps I should leave well enough alone and perhaps this is a normal amount of poo. I don't really want to pay more than the $90 I pay for a 20kg bag of Blackhawk. Any recommendations?
  6. I have a 7 month old KCCS and she is shedding everywhere. I have a slicker brush but it doesn't seem to remove much hair. Can anyone recommend an easy to use brush for a Cavvie?
  7. Thanks for the replies. She was purchased from a reputable breeder (I researched them on here and other sites) She is not doing lots of little wees in fact when she is on her bed in the lounge room with us at night she can go 4 hours without doing a wee just sleeping or sitting on her bed and she will sometimes take herself to the door to be let out. We have had her since she was 12 weeks old so we have had her for about 4 months now. She will go to the toilet when asked and put outside which was every two or three hours. We take her out and watch her and say "go toilet" when she wees and praise her. Sometimes after a meal we do just pop her outside for 1/2 an hour or so as she poops then. Her water is taken away overnight as she is in the crate in the laundry. She has been spayed in the last two weeks (problem was still there before that) and I did mention it to the vet but he seemed to think it wasn't a UTI as she was not weeing that frequently when watched inside. During the week now when the weather is nice I am having to leave her outside quite often as I cannot watch her closely with the three children about. When the kids are at school or napping she comes inside so I can try and keep training her but I really would have thought she would have been pretty much accident free by now. Our dogs in the past have been. At night she sleeps in a crate and almost every day the bedding needs to be washed as she has wet it. I clean it out with a urine neutralising spray but it does not seem to help. Someone suggested the crate is too big and perhaps I should make it smaller. She has a bit of room in it but it is not massive. I would be happy to look at professional help if anyone can advise where to go for that. We are at a bit of a loss and really wanted her to be a house dog but as she cannot be trusted unless 100% supervised that means she spends more and more time outside. Thanks
  8. Our Cavalier is still peeing inside. She is let outside often if I take her outside and say " go toilet " she will go and is praised but she still pees without warning. She jumped up on the couch yesterday and pee'd on it (which was a first usually the carpet cops it) she also pees in her crate overnight despite being let out at three hourly intervals. Is this normal? I can expect it to get better? Any advice appreciated.
  9. Thanks so much I just noticed how much cheaper it is too!! That is a bonus for us. WIll give a small bag a go. I have read that some dogs have tummy issues with it but perhaps that is true of all new foods?
  10. Our 6mo Cavvie has been on Advance since we brought her home she is doing well on it nice coat poos firm. I have read a lot of good things about Black Hawk too and I like the fact that it is holistic. I am wondering if I would have too much trouble swapping her over or should I stick with Advance as she is doing well on it? Any other reccs especially from owners of KCC would be appreciated.
  11. That video is great! How many times a day should I start with and for how long for an 8 week old pup?
  12. Thanks everyone. The kids are pretty good I remind them and they have been distracting her with a toy as I wasn't sure what the best solution was. She does have a crate she only nips in her hyper run around phases during the day. So I will encourage them to ignore (she doesn't hurt them at all but I think it is something to be discouraged) and invest in a water bottle if that does not work. I don't think sit or drop will work yet she starts puppy pre-school in 3 weeks.
  13. So just let her keep pulling on socks and pants and ignore her while she does it
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