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  1. Blackhawk Sells Out To Foreign Ownership

    Second price rise since the aqcuisition 9 months ago.Time to vote with my wallet.Good bye Black hawk it was fun but you got greedy and now its over.
  2. Pocket Pits: The Latest X-breed Fad In The Us

    I see you found google and beat me to it.Pitter pats have been around for a long time and just another cross aimed at a smaller working dog not a cash grab gimmick and not that common.If the truth be known the pit cross was done along way back as a certain breeder that used to breed both had some very suspiciously big patterdales back in the day.So no need to worry yourself they aren't the next killer dog just another verminator.
  3. Rip Bear And Kooda

    Doesnt exactly instill much faith to do the right thing does it.Especially when you get shafted anyway.
  4. Dangerous Dog Laws

    I think the problem is becuase you registered him as a bandogge cross and maybe the over zealous ranger is thinking he is doing the right thing becuase one of the parents had a scrap with another dog.In the end they have to prove he has pitbull in him so I wouldnt lie down and take it from them.I dont understand the declaration if the mother is bullmastiff obviously she is not restricted breed and declared dangerous becuase of her actions.How can the father be declared dangerous if he was not involved?How can your dog be declared dangerous if it doesnt contain any restricted breeds and hasnt done anything,bizarre.I would tell him to f*** off.I have a bullmastiff bitch that is exactly the same,she is same sex aggressive does not tolerate other bitches at all. They have to prove dog has restricted breed and if the sire came from who I think it did just call them up as they can confirm it.I think they eexpect you to accept it but you dont have to, they have nothing.
  5. Story On Puppy Scams

    last month I answered an ad online selling Boerboel puppies in Perth.The email I reveived after my first enquiry made it obvious the persons first language wasnt english so straight away it smakcs of scam to me.Also asking how many pups did I want??I said I was looking for 3 but would take 2 if he still had them.Said he only had one left so i asked if I could come and look.He then replied he was in Brisbane.I asked why the ad stated he was in Perth.he said he would ship the pup and I said I was still keen.I told him what a stroke of luck as my brother lives in Brisbane and he can come around and deliver the money and pick the pup up.He wrotes back that he has to fly to NZ the next day and doesnt have time.I ask how will he ship the pup and he says no problem.I asked him how he can ship a pup in less than 24 hours when they require minimum of 48 hours notice.Still keeps asking for the money til I tell him to F*** off and get a real job.You get them all the time wether you are buying or selling.Not hard to pick their use of the english language is a dead give away.
  6. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    I have spent more than that on a property same size for the same reason but I have never had any trouble since I have been here.Most people dont want to spend that money but I dont want mine to get shot either so it was a good investment.It also stops other dogs wandering in that owners are too lazy to contain.
  7. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    After having my pet duck savagely mauled and murdered by a dog, don't think for a moment that I wouldn't shoot that mongrel if I got my hands on it. It's not always the cost of what the animal cost you to purchase it in the first place. Daisy was given to me, so technically she cost me no money. I am what you'd call a farmer, so am I a wanker for wanting that mongrel dog dead (The dog would be dead if I got my hands on it BTW). Sorry to seem pissy about it, but this is the exact mentality of our neighbours whose dogs used to be constantly out. My dog got mauled by their cross bred dog (dragged out from under her own fence while she was defending her boundary), few days later Daisy and several other pets had their yard invaded and they lost their lives. They "replaced" the ducks killed and paid Gypsy's vet bill, but what no one ever thought of was the psychological trauma Gypsy went through. She was never the same after that attack Dog-owner - I'm sorry for your loss. The way he ended this is way over the top. Sorry for your loss but your not the only one that has ever had an animal killed by a dog.I have had plenty too but it doesnt make what he did right.Becuase you owned a duck your a farmer?Having your dog attacked is a different story.Like I said they are just chooks and chooks to me arent pets they are Sunday roast as they are to most farmers.Its not a big loss and I have lost plenty of them over the years but I dont cry about it.I know dogs will be dogs.Now if a dog strayed onto my land where my dogs are and attacked one(they cant becuase my place is dog proof).They wouldnt have to worry about being shot becuase my dogs dont tolerate strange dogs.
  8. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    Great post Really? I don't find the highlighted sentence 'great' in any way. I do. A lot of people tend to forget how much dogs can mean to some dog owners. If someone killed a member of your family in self-defence, you would grieve for them, but still accept it. However, if they not only killed in self-defence but also mocked you with their bodies, you would want to retaliate!!! I don't understand why some people can't see that for some of us dogs are part of the family and losing them can hurt as much as losing a human family member. To have someone mock that loss is inhuman. Yep, I might well want to retaliate. But I wouldn't victimise a second set of innocent animals, his dogs, as the instruments of revenge. I might punch his lights out. But harm more animals? No. To 'disappear' dogs just to get at their owner? That's just as despicable as what he did. And btw, some people feel about their chickens just as we do about our dogs. Dog-owner, I am very sorry for your loss and how you and your dogs were treated. Who said anything about harming them.Just because they disappear and he wont see them again doesnt mean they would be dead now does it.Animals get rehomed all the time not always volountarily.I stand by my comments.If you dont like them thats fine thats why its called freedom of speech and my right to express my opinion.Im not here to win a popularity contest.If he treated me with the same contempt I would teach him a lesson, simple.
  9. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    Sorry I dont need a reality check I live on the land and have done most of my life.No its not ok for dogs to roam at large constantly but if old mate had of taken the time to find out he would of seen it for what it was an accident.We are not talking about marauding pitbulls we are talking about a couple of terriers.It was not a prize bull it was a couple of chickens and the article does not even say if they were killed so most likely not.Does that warrant their death to you?I am not a do gooder or a city slicker but I am an animal lover.I dont have any chooks because a few years ago I lost 32 in about 6 months.Mostly to foxes but also had seen the neighbours dog on my property and expect he had his fill as well but as I never saw him I cant say for certain but should I have shot him anyway.He was on my land afterall. What ever happened to giving people the benefit of the doubt.We are not talking about dogs attacking and maiming large amounts of sheep,cattle or other livestock that is a different story and yes they should get shot and we have shot dogs for this,no problem.If it was a dog you have never seen before and it was hunting livestock and not caused any damage I would return it to owner or find them and tell them what happens to dogs that do that.Then they cant say they werent warned.Everybody makes mistakes and not all farmers are on massive pastoral leases with feral dogs killing large amounts of stock,a couple of chickens isnt going to see him bankrupt.Its not just the killing of the dogs its waht he did afterwards that annoys me and that is indefensible.If he treated my dogs with such disrespect his would disappear also.Shooting them I could accept but not treating them in that way.Plenty of farmers will see it the same way as animals are nothing more than livestock to them and a means to an end but it doesnt mean you have to be a heartless c**t your whole life.I have a dog here I have had for a month she was going to get a bullet for killing sheep so I took her.She is a lovely dog and it is as much the owners fault for allowing her to be put in that situation and I dont think it warrants her life for it but hey thats just me and yes I live on the land too.
  10. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    I think I would disappear old mate farmers dog to teach him a lesson in manners.The punishment should fit the crime.Whats a few chooks worth anyway.Its not like they were pulling down a prize bull.yes you can shoot dogs on rural property and I have done myself but you also have to use a little common sense.Some farmers are just wankers.
  11. American Bulldog's

    Nice looking dog but sorry to tell you its not an American Bulldog doesnt even look like a scott type.Looks like a straight amstaff or cross.Regardless wether you got paperwork or not whoever sold it to you as such lied to you.
  12. Interesting News Out Of Crufts

    I agree it seems more about the KC not wanting egg on thier face again after that documnetary posted pictures of the winners, more so than doing the right thing.
  13. Interesting News Out Of Crufts

    Have you looked at a bulldog lately.Not hard to see why.Exaggerated fetures are the norm.
  14. Desexing Contracts

    Lock in A please Eddie.lol.
  15. Dont know if this has been posted but posting anyway for those in Queensland. http://dlgp.qld.gov.au/local-government/discussion-paper-management-of-dangerous-and-potentially-dangerous-dogs-in-queensland.html