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  1. Unique Short Names

    I will one up you and also call another dog Jovi who regulary gets called Jove and I call Nova 'Nove'......my poor confused dogs I have a Jovi, and I am bias but I adore her name. It's unique and easy to say in a hurry! I have a Jove, his name generally shortened to Jo he also gets Jovey or Jobo.
  2. Foster Dogs

    Lol love the one of Dodge
  3. I took my dog Jove for his vaccine today and asked the vet if she could check out his ears as he'd been scratching. Turns out he had grass seeds in both ears and they had to sedate him to remove them as they had moved right down his ear canal, luckily not badly infected yet or puncturing his ear drum. Was wondering if any one else has had this happen or has any suggestions to prevent them from getting in his ears. A picture of the culprits that have been removed. Eta, and my poor boy recovering in bed.
  4. Naming A Dog Rescue

    I'm a preschool teacher so thought I'd share some advice. Kids like books that are short and sweet, repetitive and good have pictures even actual photo's could be good. 6-10 is a big age group that all have different learning abilities/ attention span's. Some six year olds can barely read and some 10 year olds can read a short novel, not saying all are like this. If you make it interesting (slightly adult focused) or it has a bit of humour in it chances are parents or teachers are more likely to want to read it to their children. I've read a childrens book about a rescue puppy that was deaf to children (can't think of the title) it was too long and way above the kids heads.
  5. Jove goes through stages of different toys, some survive longer than others. Right now its a giant caterpiller that we brought for him with full knowledge that it would probably cause a snow storm surprising its still kinda together but lost a few legs and no longer has a smiling face :laugh: . Its a babies toy not a dogs the check out chick looked at me funny after she said how cute it was and I told her it was for my dog.
  6. Doggy Christmas 2012

    I must destroy it...
  7. Doggy Christmas 2012

    Christmas photo fails. Jove won't wear the santa hat :laugh: .
  8. I'm An Expert

    :laugh: Im an expert at providing a stimulating outdoor environment for my dog.
  9. Awesome Orange Dogs

    Does Jove count his got red-brindle patches :laugh: .
  10. Okay, I Finally Snapped And Was Rude

    You think its bad when your walking dogs. Try walking a ferret and wait for all the second glances, comments and loud whispers once you pass them "OH MY GOD ITS A FERRET", "Does he bite?", "Do they realy stink", "How much are they worth?", "What kind of animal IS that??" or just the rude "They are horrible nasty animals".
  11. She is a greyhound! Lol sorry bit OT but on the news here it said she was a whippet. I thought wow thats a huge whippet.
  12. Foster Dogs

    Awww his such a cutie... good luck Ollie. Off topic... Where do you get those dog bricks from? Never seen them before.
  13. Foster Dogs

    Awww good job on the video hope Ollie finds a great home.
  14. :laugh: That cat looks EVIL. Very cute fluffy puppies.
  15. Queanbeyan Pound Pup

    OMG what a transformation his so handsome now. Great work everybody.