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  1. February Kepala Sunday 8th Feb

    Will be taking the green salad guys. My boy's name is Chad
  2. February Kepala Sunday 8th Feb

    Hi there Thanks for your reply Snout Girl. I saw the above list but noticed that some of the participants are TBA status and didn't want choose a dish which has been already chosen. :) Thanks for your suggestion, I'll bring the salad then. I've never been to Kepala Canine Country Club myself, but it sounds like heaps of fun for the dogs and their people.
  3. February Kepala Sunday 8th Feb

    Hi everyone Will it be possible to include one more person + dog? If so, I'd also appreciate suggestions regarding what to bring for lunch. Thanks
  4. What's Wrong With My Darling Girl? :(

    Kirislin I sincerely hope Feather is feeling better and her symptoms have disappeared. However, I went through a very similar situation, only 2 weeks ago, and hopefully will be able to answer some of your questions. Feather's symptoms appear to be from neurological nature. By reading your description of Feather's behavioral changes, it appears to me she was having a fit(s). Often, such neurological signs point to a diagnosis of brain neoplasia (brain tumors). Neurological signs are often insidious and progressive and vary depending where lesion is located: central, brainstem or cerebellar brain tumors. Diagnosis is done by history assessment and neurologic examination results. Confirmation requires intracranial imaging (CT or MRI). MRI is markedly superior for soft tissue detail (brain, spinal cord) and have superior resolution than CT. CT is also good, but preferred for bone lesions (skull tumors, for instance), it's faster and slightly less expensive than a MRI. The prognosis/outcome of brain tumors is often guarded, however, it widely depends on several variables: lesion (tumor) location, lesion type, whether or not is a metastatic lesion, whether or not it is expanding and invading nearby brain structures, whether or not there is bleeding or inflamation inside the brain (triggered by neoplasia's expansion/growth and subsequent bleeding), etc Because symptoms vary depending which structures inside the brain are under pressure by the tumor, a CT or MRI is often strongly recommended in order to determine the next course of action. If the tumor is located on the outer brain and non cancerous, surgery is viable, but pre surgical testing/diagnosis is expensive as well as the surgery itself. If tumor is located anywhere else in the brain, surgery may be offered, but it is not recommended (often dogs die on the operating table or immediately after surgery). I shall mention as well that unfortunately, painkillers do not work in brain structures. Radiation therapy is also an option, however the cost is immoral, the only machine available is located in Brisbane and general anesthetic is required each session. Because I went through a similar situation 2 weeks ago and I noticed you live in Victoria, I can inform you about upfront fees/pathway to follow should you decide to investigate further: 1) Often, Animal Emergency Centers have CT Scans, but they charge twice the price, so skip AEC alltogether; 2) The only location in Melbourne where you can have an MRI (dogs & cats) is the Werribee Veterinary Hospital. They have the only available machine in VIC and only perform MRIs during work days (Mondays through Fridays), never during weekends. Kind of bizarre in my opinion and I asked the staff if they believed that pets don't get sick over the weekend. The cost of a MRI is around $1000/1700; 3) CT scans are also quite good and the cost is around $850 (including the CT scan itself, contrast agent and microbiology); 4) Skip the vet alltogether and ask for a referral to a neurologist. I recommend you ask for for Dr Sam Long, Head of Neurology at Werribee Veterinary Hospital, neurologist / neurosurgeon. 5) I didn't use it, but Werribee Veterinary Hospital offers some type of payment plan by instalments (sorry, cannot recall the name) I do feel for you Kirislin and I sincerely hope I'm wrong. Neurological symptoms are hard to witness and really scary. I wish all the very best for you and the lovely Feather and hopefully, she will make a full recovery. My thoughts will be with you and Feather. Good luck.
  5. Dog Stolen For Fighting The Returned

    Wise words. Prophetic.
  6. Happy Birthday Chaos

    Happy birthday Chaos! You are a very handsome boy. Beautiful pics!
  7. "save Izzy" Goes To Vic High Court

    Link bellow:
  8. Specialists In Melbourne

    I apologize for the late post, but I haven't been reading the Forums lately. Look for Dr Charles Kuntz at Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals. Dr Kuntz is truly miraculous, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Southpaws link: http://www.southpaws.com.au/index.php Dr Charles Kuntz: http://www.southpaws.com.au/staff.php By the way, you'll need a referral from your veterinarian. Ask your vet specifically for Dr Charles Kuntz (my vet tried to convince me to book an appointment with another surgeon/specialist, what I promptly declined). Dr Kuntz is the founder of Southpaws and his full bio is available by clicking on the link above. Hope your boy is feeling better. Good luck and all the best.
  9. Dog Attack In Wendouree

    Johnson Bulldog X Boxer. Very popular and widely used for pig hunting all over Australia. It's appalling that dogs are allowed to wonder off leash in Ballarat
  10. Gnarla's Story

    Chezal Glad to know Gnarla's puppies are safe and well. They are looking very healthy and are all very cute. Gnarla looks a very kind and humble dog and I hope she goes to the best of homes where she can be inside with her family, the expression in her eyes reminds me of my elderbully girl, also a sweetheart. It appears to me you are comfortable with little Bazza's condition, however, my offer still stands, unchanged, to assist him with whatever he might need. Likewise, my 2nd offer ( to help you with costs associated with their food as well as Gnarla's ) also still stands unchanged. Should you need my assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. I have a tight schedule tomorrow and unfortunately won't be answering my cell due to attending 2 BM in the afternoon, however you can still send me a text message and I'll call you back as soon as I am at home. Puppies are looking terrific & thanks for the lovely photos. Kind regards, Dmayma
  11. Gnarla's Story

    Thanks for your reply Chezal So glad the little fellow is doing ok. I am unsure how the a consultation with a Uni vet works (if there are costs associated with it) and fully accept your decision and criteria towards what is best for Bazza, however I shall insist you have his snout Xrayed. I'll be delighted to cover 100% of the costs of his treatment, consultation and will also cover the cost of his meds. I truly admire your kindness and compassion towards this beautiful young mother and her little ones.How are you going regarding food? I'd be delighted to help you with their feeding needs as well. Perhaps you can provide me with a delivery address as well as your preferred brand and variety of food for Gnarla and her brood and I'll take care of the rest. I will PM you my phone number and if you need to speak to me you are very welcome to contact me at anytime. Take care. Kind regards Dmayma
  12. Gnarla's Story

    @ Harley, Mita, Danny's Darling & Raineth Thank you all for your kind comments and further offers of assistance for Bazza & Cheza58 @ Cheza58 I apologize for not posting over the weekend, but as I previously mentioned in another thread, I am a proud guardian of 3 dogs (1 girl, 8.5 yo; 2 boys, 1 & 2 yo) and 3 cats (1 girl, 14 yo & 2 boys, 14 & 9 yo). And yes, they are all rescues. I take my responsibilities towards my "kids" very seriously and walk my dogs religiously 3 times a day for 1.5 hours every time, rain or shine. My weekends are nearly entirely dedicated to fulfill my dogs (primarily my boys due to their young age) exercise requirements and by Sunday night I am truly exhausted. I have been a keen reader of Dollforums since 2009 despite only recently got myself registered and, due to my busy schedule, the only window available for online activity is after 10pm on weekdays. I want to reiterate my offer and commitment to cover little Bazza's treatment costs. I believe any animal, regardless its breed or background, deserves a chance of a better life. Should you decide to accept my offer, I am happy to provide you with my contact numbers. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Dmayma
  13. Masking Odour

    I apologize for my suggestion ...I mistakenly assumed it was intended for human noses. I had a few "accidents" with my dogs when they arrived to live with us (none were housebroken, what didn't bother me at all). Persephone got it right from the beginning: toilet training is the key.
  14. Gnarla's Story

    Hi Cheza58 I am not a veterinarian, but often, if you noticed something similar to bite wounds and there was a watery bloody discharge, it means there was some kind of trauma. Puppy bones are very soft and I am wondering that, perhaps, there is a small bone fragment puncturing the inside of this puppy's nasal cavity and therefore, causing an infection. If his lymph glands are swollen, it indicates his little body is actually fighting an infection. If there is a bone fragment actually dislodged and continually puncturing his nasal cavity, the antibiotics will initially work, but the infection will surely return due to what is causing it be left untreated. You are 100% correct in getting a second opinion. Is it really necessary to anesthetize a young puppy to get X-Rays from his snout? I think it is wonderful what you did for Gnarla and her puppies. Sadly I don't live close to you, but would like to help you and Bazza. Would you please book an appointment with a second veterinarian (the best you can find) and have little Bazza's face X-Rayed straight away? I'll cover the full cost.