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  1. Maybe ....... ..she also needs to be TAUGHT which items she can have .. and crating her won't really do this ... if she is, however attached to you via a lead ..you can be there to guide her ..and channel her activity /interest into things she IS allowed :) You also both get to know each other's moves/body language really well . Thanks, thats right but she knows she isnt allowed in the bedrooms full stop yet she sneaks there & takes what ever. After yesterdays effort, i was so mad i kicked her out of the house for a long time while the other 2 were inside. Since then she has come in & done what she is told & also really careful not to touch anything. They say dogs dont remember but this one does & she knows the rules & she knew what she was outside for. :) more training i know. :)
  2. Thanks everyone. Yes she does sneak items outside & chew them when im at home. I try to keep her confined to the lounge room where i am or i can see her . She took off with my remote for the TV the other day & I found it outside. $75 later. She has plenty of toys & chew toys to keep her busy. we walk alot & play outside alot. She is hyperactive and i can only do so much but if im busy & cant see her i can crate her while im home & hope she will grow out of the destroying mode. I have a couple im looking at and i need to be able to move it around.
  3. OUCHHHH , that had to hurt. This is why i asked here so i dont end up with the same outcome.
  4. Thanks guys, Its not something she will spend alot of time in. I will be doing crate training and its only while she is supervised. Out side she has the run of the yard but its inisde she causes the damage. She is never left inisde while im out. Cant be trusted lol. I will look up both places mentioned. Thanks
  5. Hi all. I am wondering what are the requirment for a dog crate / cage for me. I have a bull terrier who is destroying the place & I am ripping my hair out I need a strong cage im aware of that. I will need one with a little room to move as she doesnt like them much & I dont want to have her in a realy stressed in a to small closed off area. She is 1 yr old so a bit bigger than a average grown staffy ( size indication for you) are the evilbay ones okay or do i need to look elsewhere & where do i look to buy???? what are the requirments you found you needed with crate/ cages. Any ideas on places to buy please . I am in Vic.
  6. yep I have been hindering my dogs weight loss & I didnt even know it. At least im in the know now. My dogs always had adlib dry food & I didnt realise that could be the cause for my boy being a fatty boomba. Vet informs me dry biscutes are fattier than wet food. Okay , I have had dogs for yrs and until you are faced with a fatty I just didnt think about it. Anyway onward & upward. New program will get us in the right direction. Second injection today & yes i too have noticed a difference in his getting up & down & he is looking so much happier to. :) Helen I hear you loud & clear. Seems vet thinks we need to remove this tumor sooner rather than later before it poses any problems in the penis area. So there is another $500. Its not a rush job & when i get some more weight off & these injections sorted & paid for we will then do the op. So far so good. :)
  7. HI Dogbesotted, I will ask the vet tomorrow about that. Thankyou. he is off for his second injection tomorrow & so far i noticed he is getting in & out of the dog door with alot more ease, he has to bend down a bit as its a bit small for him (made for the other dogs) and he isnt crashing when he tries to get through it. Getting up off the couch & bed better. Its early days though but i thnk we are on the way. I am going to weigh him in again tomorrow again, even half a KG will be good. fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks so much Hotfurball, I dont take offence. I just ignore the stupid comments as you said i already know he is need to loose weight & we are working on it. Sandgrubber, Thankyou as well, i expect it will take a while to get to a decent weight. I have all the time we need though. :) I agree , i could do with some extra weight off. we are working on it together. lol. Thanks everyone. so far so good. , off to have our second injection on thursday & he seems to be feeling better already along with the tuff rock I have him on. He is getting up & down a bit easier, once he is up though he runs around like a 2 yr old.
  9. Thanks megan, you are right. he has lost 3 kgs in 2 weeks so im very proud of him & me. lol. I have portion control down pat now. You are right he can afford to loose weight & its working. :)
  10. Thanks for the opinions. Vet think he is going well with loosing weight & has always for his entire life been a big dog. he runs like any other dog all day chasing cows & works a trooper on the farm, his problems are getting up & down & he has arthritis (vet opinion) & hence he is now on the injections & tuff rock to help with any joints. He is on a great eating plan also to help with the weight. i must add he is tri colour but i clipped him last yr & he hasnt recovered to well lol. hence the looks of the shitty coat, he is also a short coat . I love him anyway.
  11. Let the crazies begin. lol. Thanks so much Bundyburger. :) Just so you know i dont really care wether you think my BC is pure or not. The subject wasnt even about that. but i put pics up becuase some think i have a staghound cross & clearly he is not the size of a staghound. lol. I love my old boy & i will be happy to have him with me for amny more yrs to come. No offence to those who couldnt pic what a 37kg BC looks like. he is a short hair BC & a fatty. lol.
  12. OHH my gosh Sheena, calm down. we had his father who is a reg pure BC & his mother also who was a reg pure BC. Both purchased from same breeder at different times & of different lines. No i will not mention breeders name as its not even relevant. He is not a bloody staghound nor cross with one. I have a some pics coming there is one of him with my Bully & my mini schnauzer just so you can get an idea of height. All dogs can age graefully or ungracefully & some can appear older then other of the same breed. As humans we dont all age the same do we? Anyway this is getting silly, its not a slinging match about what breed my dog is its about a older dog who has found to have some health issues & now im on top of it. Thanks so much to all you have offered advice & been a great help. :) much appriciated & now i hope my pooch can be with me a long time to come. :)
  13. He is that size & he is a BC. he isnt aged because of his weight. he has always been a bigger dog & the vets are happy with his weight & size. He isnt a tiny long hair BC that you see in the shows but he is a bit taller hence the weight isnt as noticeable. My Bull terrier is just over 20kgs & she is only 11months old and to compare the 2 he doesnt look big. Pics are needed here & Im am more than happy to add them. Thanks Visla will try send them to you before we have some heart attacks on this site. lol.
  14. lol sorry people. Yes he is a Border collie, The dog in my avitar is my Bull terrier. He is a big boy & i will add a pic for you if i knew how to do it. . He is not crossed. Brucebiz, sound questiobn. My dog has not been not been dominated to do anything. I have a good relationship with him but i do think i scared him & with the younger dog he could have thought it was her as he does growl at her when she gets to close. He likes space with her. So i do think i scared him when he was asleep & it hasnt happened again. I do now call out to himn if i think he is asleep before i touch or pat him so i dont frighten him again. :)
  15. i like the Kardashian's. Good to see them rescuing animals. :)
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