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  1. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Sjp - your pup is beautiful! I'll post some more photos of Elsie soon. She's doubled in size in a week and a half!!
  2. Kelpies

    Elsie is going well. She's a little terror at the moment (growing crazily fast and in her first fear stage, so she's very bitey and full of beans. Trying to be a bit dominant too), but she's great. When I get a chance, I'll put a bunch of photos up! She's incredibly cute and everyone she meets tells her the same. The vet gave us the thumbs up (Dr. Bruce Symes) and I couldn't be happier with her.
  3. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Luvsdogs - Mary and Stephen have been fantastic. At times they can seem a bit blunt but I think it's just because they are both so busy. I'm extremely happy that I went with them.
  4. Kelpies

    Awwww...all those beautiful pups!! It's only two days until we pick up Elsie now. Good luck with beating the KC!! It doesn't sound like it's a lot of fun.
  5. Kelpies

    It's recent. Mary only sent them to me yesterday. She'll be 8 weeks when I get her.
  6. Kelpies

    Wyldrose - I think she's 7 weeks there.
  7. Kelpies

    I've finally got photos from Noonbarra of the pup I'll be getting this weekend. We're going to call her Elsie. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.
  8. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Just got these photos from Mary at Noonbarra. We're off to pick her up on Saturday!! Can't wait!!
  9. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    I just spoke with Mary at Noonbarra today. Two weeks until we get our red/tan girl. Slowest month ever!!!
  10. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    SJP - Indeed it has! I've been waiting to find out which litter I will be getting a pup from for a while, but now that I know, it's painful! I'm pretty good at waiting, but I've wanted my own dog since I left home 12 years ago and now that it's just around the corner, it still feels like forever. Oh well, it will happen soon enough.
  11. Kelpies

    I've asked for a bitch and they are all red/tan. As far as plans for the dog, she's going to be a companion dog but I'll give her a run with sheep here and there and I want to do some search and rescue stuff too. Basically I figure that if I'm going to have to keep her mentally stimulated, I might as well teach her things that will be useful.
  12. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Mary from Noonbarra has been in touch. Pups are born, now just have to wait to find out which girl is mine and then pick her up mid august! So excited!!
  13. Kelpies

    I haven't posted for a while (moving to Castlemaine has taken up a lot of time), but I just heard from Mary at Noonbarra and I'll be getting my pup in mid August! I can't wait!!
  14. Rare Dog Breeds

    Blue Lacy. I haven't found any breeders here, but there was one in NZ.
  15. Kelpies

    I've been reading about raw diets a fair bit lately and there seems to be some weight in that argument. Most of the people I've been reading have said that if you are using dry food or canned food, make sure it is made and proccessed in Australia as we are more strict on what goes into pet food. Also, I've heard that "pet grade" raw meat may contain more chemicals than regular butcher meat.