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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy Agility tunnels, anyone know any cheap suppliers? Thanks
  2. Thank you Willem and sheena :)
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get bulk chicken carcasses in the west of Melbourne/Sunbury / macedon ranges? TIA
  4. I Need Help With My Dogs

    :champagne: :thumbsup:
  5. Chicken Carcasses

    Hi, Thanks for the responses around 20 a week would be ideal. How much and how many in a box Aphra? Thanks
  6. Chicken Carcasses

    Thanks TSD, will check it out .:)
  7. Thousands Of Dog Attacks Reported In Melbourne

    Back to the original article, two pit bulls attacked the child?? It was a bull breed and there was only one.... Can't they get anything right?
  8. Hi, Hoping the brains trust on this forum may be able to help me help this poor girl as the vet thinks she may not recover from another anaesthetic. Female GSD who has had ear infections on and off for her whole life. She is 10 years old and the vets believe it is allergy driven. She has been under anaesthetic a number of times to have it cleaned out. The owner has never been given a clinical name for the condition. They continue treatment weekly as a preventitive but occasionally that isn't enough and the cycle recommences. That starts with an ear flush under anaesthetic then 5 days of daily steroid macro lone 20mg then1 tablet every second day for 5 days. During this 10 days period she also gets 8 drops of momentamax ointment. Once under control a weekly dose of epi-optic 120 ml with 10 ml of Dex added to keep the bacteria down. She eats chicken , rice, raw veggies glucosamine parsley and garlic and royal canine. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  9. Yes Vizslamomma, she is owed by an old school friend who I caught up with at a reunion a few weeks back and she knows my passion for the furry ones so asked if I could help. I know a holistic vet Dr Rebecca Bugg so will ask her about the testing. Thanks again
  10. Thanks again for the feedback. swabs come back as being bacteria each time. The dogs ear is floppy and the skin specialist she has seen is Rob Hilton. She has upped the meds and will get more to finish the course. I have passed on all the suggestions and will let you know as things progress. Any idea who she should be seeing to investigate surgery for opening up of the ear canal?
  11. The vet mentioned that given she is getting old and has some arthritis, then putting her to sleep is something the owners may need to consider. I think surely not for ear infections but I am not expert, hence the posts on here...
  12. Thank you for the feed back. Weekly treatments have been maintained for the last 4 years. Has seen a skin specialist recommended by Lort Smith which is where she has been treated. Diet was changed to what I mentioned in the original post but it has not helped. Rappie what dosage should she go on for the meds she has at hand and do you (or anyone else ) have recommendations for a dermatologist who may be able to help? She is based in Western suburbs of Melborne. Thanks again :)
  13. Dog Lovers Show Sydney

    Hi Huskii, Will you be at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show? :)
  14. Wog Dog Disco Party

    Ring a ring of Rosie ..lol. Awesome photo, thanks for the smile :)
  15. Wog Dog Disco Party

    Ring a ring of Rosie ..lol. Awesome photo, thanks for the smile :)
  16. Council Officer Lets Dog Out Of Yard

    Unbelievable - so glad the dog was not hit by a car.
  17. Hi, I have a small GSD and she has managed to get out of every crate I own . She will push with her paws and head butt the door or sides until something pops. Most of the crates have been Life Stages and one doesn't have a name but is definitely more robust than Life Stages. Can anyone suggest brands that have more robust crates? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any experience in treating Discoid Lupus Erythematosus using natural remedies. What do you use, is it just for outbreaks or all time to prevent or reduce them. It is for a GSD 2.5 years old, he has had it on his lips for about three months. Then a small bit on the edge of his nose and now it is all under his nose and up both sides. My photos are too big to attach...grrr Thanks in advance. :)
  19. Thanks Aussielover, he is having a biopsy tomorrow and has been on a long course of antibiotics. Been off them for the past few weeks. Does it need to be a special type of sunscreen or is baby stuff ok? Will check the dose of vit E and fish oils with the vet . Thanks
  20. How Do You Deal With Growling?

    If most watched my three GSD's at play they would think a huge fight was about to ensue, they growl, snarl, bark, snap, wrestle (sometimes when each is on their hind legs) and pin each other to the ground full mouth open around the neck. All in a days play
  21. Wanted Dog Boots

    There are a few here : http://www.k9pro.com.au/online-store/dog-wear/dog-boots/ They are some nasty looking plants! :)
  22. Beahavorist/ Assessment

    Sorry for your loss... I second Steve at K9 pro. He knows his stuff. Good luck
  23. At What Age Do We Stop Getting New Dogs?

    When I get old I will take on rescue oldies, ensuring their last years are full of love and comfort. At his stage it will be GSD's, Labs and Staffs, no doubt I will add more breeds :)
  24. Crate - Extra Strong

    Thanks kavik and nekhbet. I figured that would be the way I needed to go. Need to get he car decked out too and Laverton is not that far away