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  1. Vet On. Gold Coast

    Does anyone know a good vet for Hip/Elbow X-rays on the Gold Coast please? Looking for Digital so I can send of to Rawlinsons. Thanks!
  2. Lagotto Romagnolo

    Hi, We are going to be welcoming a Lagotto pup into our home at the end of August....can you let me know if your pup was destructive... digging, chewing etc and was he very hard to train? Traceyh Hi Traceyh I noticed you hadn't had a reply so thought I'd add my 2 cents. My Lagotto is now 15 months and I've started showing her which I'm new to and obedience training (done a little but not much before). I can only speak from personal experience so others may not have had the same experience as me... Prior to Cino (yes she's a girl but DH named her ) I'd had a Golden Retriever so hugely different personalities. I've found her definitely challenging. They are extremely intelligent and can be very destructive if not entertained. Puzzles and feeding via puzzles will be your best friend. Keeping the brain occupied will help save your outdoor furniture, washing etc and Cino used to loved to garden. I'd find hundreds of dead worms all over the back pavers. Her truffle nose was working well, she was digging them up! So a designated digging area would help too. Having said that she is so awesome with my 3 year old they are best mates and now she's matured some more all of the training I've worked on over the last 12 months that I thought was a complete waste of time as she was always so hyper with an attentions span of about 9 seconds has now paid off. She picks things up really quickly. I think it was a case of her looking at me and thinking I sat once stupid I'm not doing it again! NEXT!! Look up the social group Ozgotto's on yahoo. I've recently joined them as we don't have a breed club and they have been amazingly helpful and friendly with a lot of experience amongst the members in pretty much all disciplines. Good luck with your new puppy they are an awesome breed. I'm hooked and already wishing for another! Toni