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  1. Awww, thanks Danny's Darling...you made me smile :-)
  2. Awww, thank you so much guys...sooo many thoughts in my mind, have to really look at it from different perspectives and think it through, whether to wait or get another older labbie...I am starting to get excited about having another cuddly boy and Hongi (my lab) would possibly die from excitement when he finds out there is another dog in the garden who stays there with him all day long...haha. Compared to other labs, Hongi is very calm and is getting so much better in his training, I am a really proud mum :-) But of course, he is not 100% especially if there is too much distraction so I really may need to work on him a little bit longer before getting another labbie in our house (and of course continue with both afterwards as training is something I want to keep doing). It's hard though when you get excited about something to just wait because you want to make the best well thought-out decision...anyway, I know I cannot rush this and have to give myself a few weeks to think what I really want to do and how it will fit with our future etc. But my soul is smiling, I am so excited about starting to think about another labbie even though this may not happen for a while...:-) Thank you again guys :-)
  3. Hi guys, I have a 9 month old lab and considering getting another one. In my thoughts, I see myself with 2 labs and feel it is probably the best time to think about another one now and train him well before we have kids (in about 2 years time). I have still not decided if I want to start from an 8 week old puppy or get already an older lab (5 months – 1 year) to match my lab’s age. I know that sometimes breeders are looking for new homes for their older puppies or sometimes you can see ads that people are moving and have to give away their dogs (so thought maybe we could help one). But yeah, this is something I still need to think about properly. My question is…I really want to get another dog as a companion for my labbie. We spend a lot of time together and he gets a lot of attention, walks, training, play, cuddles and love. But the thought of having another one so that they could play together (as my lab really loves playing with other dogs) is very exciting. I would like to ask those who have two dogs (preferably labs) if they enjoy playing together (even though they are together all days long) or whether that was something happening for a few first weeks when they were just getting used to each other and would prefer playing with other dogs now who they don’t see that often? I hope it’s not too confusing…My main thought is I want to get my lab a play mate and a friend and am not too sure whether getting another lab is better than just finding someone else who already has a lab and would love to bring him to our garden and leave him there on regular basis so that they could play together (though as I said I would really love to have two dogs eventually). I know having another lab now would require a lot of extra work (walk them and train them separately, leave them some time on their own, etc.), especially because my labbie is not 100% in obedience yet (though I train him a lot and we go to a club too). But I am ready to do that as long as my original thought that they would really have a ball together while I am at work and would love each other like brothers (I know that’s hard to say now, but I guess most labs enjoy company of another dog especially if they grow together – I may be wrong?). Wow, so many thoughts…please share your opinions, would love to hear them :-)
  4. Sorry for reposting...I put it in a wrong forum originally... I just would like to ask if anyone has any experience with the obedience training in the Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club in Turramurra. I have done a puppy preschool and a dog manners classes with Julie and Trudi from Doglogic with my lab who is currently 6.5 months and would like to continue with some further obedience training. I also checked on the net Hills District Kennel Club in Castle Hill and Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club in Concord. Can someone please share their experiences? I live in Eastwood, there are probably some other obedience training clubs I have not checked yet…I would be grateful for any piece of advice :-) Thank you :-)))
  5. Thank you :-) That sounds like a sensible plan, will do that ;-)
  6. Thank you k9angel and Aussie3 :-) And thank you so much Steve for your info and the message, I am very keen in learning something new :-) When we have got Hongi he was dewormed every 2 weeks until week 12 and than the vet suggested to start with 1 month periods as his poo was clean...I have never noticed fleas on him, neither the vet did. I wonder if he could get the worms from licking some dropings outside our garden? I know that once he managed to eat a bit of cat poo which was very runny and he had diarrhoea that evening (but in the morning he was back to his normal poo):-( ...as a lab (or maybe as every pup) he puts in his mounth almost everything even though we tried to watch him and not let him...:-) Hm, the vet said to use Endogard or Drontal today (Hongi got Interceptor 2 days ago but because of the visible worms she suggested to give a tablet of one of those today) but to go back to normal Interceptor in a month time...will he be worm free then? Thanks :-)
  7. We have taken some more recent pics as well but I cannot access them now for some reason (they are in our shared folder), will talk to my fiance and will post some later today :-)
  8. Hongi and his favourite yellow dog :-) Forgot to actually mention that these photos were taken when we just brought him home, at 8 weeks :-)
  9. So here is the first pic...I have tried to upload a few but then realized it will have to be in separate posts as they are too big (even after compressing) :-) So this is our darling...his name is Hongi...it comes from Maori language, it's a traditional greeting when people touch with their foreheads and noses...and it means "sharing the breath of life"... ...it's a long story how we found this name :-)
  10. Thank you so much everyone for the encouraging comments :-) It's nice to know that there are others who feel the same and that it's normal being worried :-) I called the vet today and she suggested to give him Endogard or Drontal today and then continue with Interceptor as I would normally (in a month time). She was very nice and I guess happy that I called when I was not sure what to do :-) I will post some photos very soon :-) Thank you so much again :-)
  11. Thank you so much everyone for your support, feeling already better :-) Yep, he's our first puppy so everything is very new :-) Will call the nurse tomorrow morning and will ask what she things :-) THANK YOU :-)
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