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  1. I have never thought about putting a dog in a bin but I have thought about putting them on top of a bin or even up in the fork of a tree. It wasn't ideal, and I was lucky in lots of ways (the bin wasn't full, nothing dangerous in bin). I don't want to say the dogs breed, but it was very large and would have been able to get her from the top of the bin. Also she was so reactive she would have acted a fool and been trying to get off the bin. The ideal thing is to drop them into a fenced yard, but who knows whether that house has a dog?! So hard.
  2. I've put my small dog in a bin before. She was reactive at the time, so I was constantly scanning surroundings. Saw a large dog running free up a drive towards us and so I had time to grab her and drop her in a bin up a drive (luckily a there was a bin up an ungated drive and I didn't get shouted at for trespassing. Judging by the dogs body language and the fact the owner didn't even want to touch its collar to take it home I think I made the right choice.
  3. Tibbies are independant, and aloof with strangers, but they are bonded with their person. If you'd like PM me and I can send links to groups with lots of info :)
  4. North or South of the river? :)
  5. The handler and officers that worked closely with him will be devastated. I have a sibling who is a police handler and the bond they have with their dog is so strong. They trust them with their lives.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3323495/Hero-police-dog-blown-terrorists-stand-Diesel-seven-year-old-Belgian-Shepherd-honoured-dying-defend-colours-killed-suicide-bomber-sent-apartment.html RIP boy. Condolences to his handler who must be devastated
  7. Private party at a doggy cafe, complete with decorations, lots of doggy and human friends and a doggy birthday cake. So Yep. We celebrate Hahahaha!!
  8. I use a Dremel and love it. Nice and light, easy to hold, not too loud either.
  9. I'm so happy they've been adopted! I once fostered a young pap x chi......what a little pocket rocket! Super smart as well. I suggested the new owners try him at agility, I hope they did :)
  10. Yes, yes, yes!! I never thought I'd have a dog I'd have to 'debate' with. They are smart in a different way, for example, I've had to open my treat bag at training and let him see what is in there before he 'agrees' to participate ???? He has also 'fallen out' with a friend (human) as she laughed when he tripped when showing off a twirl. He wouldn't even look at her and she had to do some serious grovelling to 'make it up' to him....
  11. They are beautiful little things! Very active still, as you say, not senior for Pap's!
  12. I've put this in the breed thread, but it's quiet in there, so thought I'd add in here as well: Two senior (10 years) Papillon girls available for adoption at Shenton Park Dogs Refuge, in Perth WA. They are on the website under small dogs :)
  13. I'm still getting through my last, giant, order! They are awesome though!
  14. Once upon a time there was a very long WA thread....but it just seemed to tail off I know there are a few of us on here though! :)
  15. Look how fast he is trying to run away from you, he obviously hates it! Bhahaha bhaha!!
  16. Lol @ a husky doing something it didn't want to ???? Now that would be amazing....!!
  17. Glad the others are well and home, everything crossed here for puddings quick recovery <3 How terrifying for you
  18. There is someone breeding/selling blue and Tri-colour Bulldogs, for $15k. When I asked if registered as don't think colour is in the standard, I never got an answer. They used to breed Dogues I believe so are probably on here. Not sure if same thing....can't seem to load the link.
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