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  1. puppy toileting

    He's still very young at 6 months. I'd be leaving him outside when not supervised and when you are home keep up with the toilet training. He'll mature and remember what he's supposed to do when it's a bit more ingrained.
  2. Pup still EXTREMELY unsettled

    When we weaned our adult dogs from sleeping on my son's bed to sleeping in their own beds in their own room (3 was too many on his bed!) I spent a long time sitting on the floor in the study cuddling and petting them on their beds until they went to sleep. We all enjoyed our long night time cuddles and now they go to bed happily, though they are whinging at us at 6am to let them in and on our bed which is our usual routine.
  3. Obsessive barking

    I would remove him from your presence the moment he starts an unwanted behavior, let him get the idea that when he starts sniffing and barking he gets put outside!
  4. You gave a new dog a very high level treat with your other dog in the same vicinity, I'm not surprised of the attack, mine would do the same in that situation. You need to keep them separated around food until the are both comfortable with each other.
  5. Kira (my sweet girl) 2003 - 2018

    Oh so sad, what a gorgeous girl ❤
  6. Dogs take a LOT of work and a LOT of your time to become a well behaved member of your family. If you cannot put in a lot of time training and bonding with your dog, especially at the beginning, your dog may become a nuisance to have around. MOST IMPORTANTLY you need to be able to TEACH your child how to behave around dogs, to be gentle and respectful of the dog. Children love helping with the training of the dog and your shared input teaches the child compassion and responsibility. Please do not think that by saving a dog it's going to be grateful but think how can you make the dogs life happy with you and what you need to do to achieve that. Dogs are not going to be happy left alone all day and the way they entertain themselves is usually destroying things because they are bored. Having a dog as an important Family member is fun! And it's enjoyable having it as part of your family, not left to its own devices. I don't know any dogs who are happy to be left all day, entertain themselves and not need their owners attention.
  7. Oh the poor guy, you are going through a hard time lately. Hopefully he responds well to treatment and things settle down for you. Give him a big hug from us.
  8. Could it be something like a wasp sting or prickle that he's eaten? Lump, drooling, sore to eat, sneezing... I'd be sending him in for a general anaesthetic so they can check him out thoroughly and get to the bottom of it. Cheer up, I'm sure he'll be fine, you are looking after him very well...
  9. Kaos

    Oh I'm so very sorry, what a great loss...
  10. I've never owned a Bluey but your situation sounds pretty perfect for any dog!
  11. Settling in a new dog

    I'd be having a chat with the breeder to see if this is normal behavior for this dog. If it's not normal, I'd consider sending her back poor little thing, if that's an option. It does sound as though she has definite anxiety issues and maybe a vet would be best placed to help there.
  12. Hi cavmad, sorry to hear your boy is not doing so well. The head shakes sound neurological. Take him to the vet as he may need to start some pain relief for the arthritis as well. I've always included the kids, depending on their age, in the care of our dogs. This is where you show your daughter how to care and look after others and the elderly, an important part of life looking after a much loved family member. Hope it all goes well.
  13. so sorry for your loss of this beautiful soul. She shines through and such wonderful memories for you to hold on to.
  14. Yet another dog attack

    I cry for you and your puppers, it is so unfair to be worried about where we walk them. Don't blame yourself, you did what you could. I'd be reporting him if you could...
  15. Never thought of a dripless bowl, what a great idea! My daughter's dog drips water all round the place after he's had a drink! So messy