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  1. Trisven13

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  2. Trisven13

    Does anyone know if Trish who used to be with Albury Dog Rescue years ago is still on DOL? I think she breeds and shows now. Tried to PM her to the old avatar, but no luck. If anyone knows her, can you ask her to contact me please? Thanks. :) Sharon ACDR [email protected] 0414 284377.
  3. Concrete Dog Bowls

    Computer gremlins.
  4. Concrete Dog Bowls

    I've tried Gal Buckets with bricks in them tied to a milk crate which was clipped to the pen. Results below for your amusement........
  5. Jack Russell Puppy Behaviour - Normal?

    Exactly! Although my JRT can be a bit sensitive if he thinks he's made a mistake. My ACD's just yell at me because clearly it was my fault. :laugh:
  6. Mooch City Is Miserable: Myrtie Very Sick

    I'm so very sorry DD. RIP gorgeous little Myrtie.
  7. Terrier, Terrier X Wanted

    I know of two Terriers who would love a fabulous home together. Ike and Loki came from the same home and both are male. One is a Jack Russell Terrier and the other a Foxie cross. The main downside though is that sometimes the JRT can be funny with strange dogs. Located near Canberra. Sharon
  8. Dogs In Will?

    Thanks DD, That wasn't the most comfortable thing to write, but I hope it might help someone else. I will also share another cautionary tale. Quite a few years ago a well respected person in the trialing fraternity fell ill and then sadly passed away. This person had lovely dogs with proven performance lines behind them. A short time after the person passed I just happened to be collecting a rescue dog from the pound. I had just loaded my new foster dog up when another vehicle pulled up in the car park. Two people got out and removed a couple of beautifully groomed and behaved purebred dogs out of the vehicle. I didn't approach but watched closely as they took the dogs into the pound and left again without them. Something in my gut just didn't feel right, so I made a few phone calls asking where the dogs were that belonged to the person who had passed away. I was told they were supposed to be safe with family members. I relayed what I'd just seen and requested some double checking. Very quickly some caring and concerned individuals intervened to identify the dogs, remove them from the pound and place them appropriately. I know grief, pain and distress can cause people to do some strange things and not always make rational decisions but this situation really disappointed me. I will never forget it. In contrast, more recently, we sadly lost another trialing person and family, friends, breeders and fellow trialers all worked together to ensure the dogs were placed in loving, appropriate homes. S
  9. Dogs In Will?

    Interesting and relevant topic. I 'inherited' Lucky when my Uncle passed away. The original plan was to rehome him via my rescue contacts, but he's ended up being a permanent fixture in my pack. Lucky's predicament did prompt a couple of conversations with my family as to what would happen to my animals (dogs/horses/cat) if I passed away. The immediate reaction from a close family member shocked and deeply hurt me actually. Obviously, I didn't expect them to take all my dependents on, BUT I did think that given my cirle of contacts, including long time friends, both in animal sports and rescue, it might been a bit of a hint about who to contact for help finding new homes. NOPE! Discuss carefully with your friends too. Sure, people would be prepared to take on my horses because they would be easy to on-sell, but that misses the point entirely for me. I'd hope my friends would assist to find new homes for my dogs, but I can't think of any who would actually want to keep one of them for themselves if I'm brutally honest. I feel the best option for me is to stipulate in a will that any surviving animals are rehomed via rescues I specifically name. As others have said, never just assume the people will abide your wishes once your gone. S
  10. Beauceron Canberra Pound

    In a different thread DesertDobes was looking for one. Might be worth contacting. S
  11. Aussie Terriers?

    An Aussie Terrier is on my 'wish list' of dogs to own, so hopefully I will share my life with one at some stage (right now I already have too many dogs). I went to the pound to look at some ACD's years ago and came home with an Aussie Terrier. I just fell in love instantly and couldn't leave him there. 'Kenny' was still chipped to his breeder but he couldn't take him back because of badly failing health. I found Kenny a fabulous home, but could have easily have kept him, he had a divine temperament. He was christened Kenny because when I walked in the door with him my Ex said "What the heck is that?" while he was watching South Park. I told him I couldn't let anyone kill Kenny :)
  12. The Walgett Cattle Dog Brothers

    Hijacked my own thread for a Cattle Dog love in.
  13. The Walgett Cattle Dog Brothers

    Fingers crossed "Hercules" from Queanbeyan has adoption interest also. Rose is still waiting for her perfect home though. She's a bit more high end. ;)
  14. The Walgett Cattle Dog Brothers

    Thanks BC Crazy. :) Hijack away Aphra, Rufus and Riley are stunning!!! So happy for them, and you too. Great job for the Cattle dogs Woman! Walgett do seem to get a lot of lovely Cattle Dogs in their pound S
  15. The Walgett Cattle Dog Brothers

    Special thanks to Di and Emma @ AWDRI too who helped ACDR make sure these two stayed together. They are totally devoted to each other.