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  1. We've got a Staffy x Husky that lives behind us, and it's not a particularly attractive cross. He favours the Staffy type more than the Husky type. He's also forever getting out of the backyard, and of course, is an intact male!
  2. I was rushed by a Labrador not long ago. It came bolting up to us, with its hackles up and growling. The dog I was walking is very reactive and so I did the only thing that came to mind. As the dog got within a couple of metres of us, I threw the full poo bag I was carrying and hit it square in the face. This coupled with me hollering at the top of my lungs was enough to get it to turn around and run back to its oblivious owner. So I think for some dogs something smacking them in the face can be enough to deter them, but I would definitely not count on it working for every dog, especially no
  3. When our two bitches have fought (German Shepherds so not a similar breed), we've always separated them by grabbing their hind legs and pulling them backwards. However, their fights have never resulted in serious injury. I'm sure when one dog is trying to kill the other, this makes a difference as to how difficult they are to separate. You also still have to be careful they don't swing around and bite you. I nearly got nailed by one of the bitches, and it was only that she stopped herself once she realised it was me. I probably wouldn't want to put myself anywhere near the mouth of either
  4. Our 12 month old is always digging on the dog beds. While she digs, she growls and barks and bites at them. She also does the same when she gets up on the people beds. However, she also digs holes everywhere in the yard. You have to watch where you are walking or you'll break an ankle :laugh:
  5. One of our dogs hates bees. I think he got stung when he was young, and ever since then, he has been stung probably dozens of times. You can tell by his body language that he anticipates being stung, but it doesn't stop him. If you watch him, you can see him hunting them out. I try to keep flowering weeds cut short in our lawn because this is the main area the bees congregate, and I go around emptying any full pot bottoms on hot days because this definitely attracts the bees. Apart from that, all I can do is yell from the window when I see him chasing the bees, and bring him inside if the
  6. I'm clumsy and share a house with four dogs and three cats, so I'm always covered in cuts and scratches. I've also stood on two nails (not at the same time) and I never got sick, even though I didn't receive a tetanus shot. The only time I've ever had a problem following some sort of wound, was when our now deceased rooster punctured the skin on the top of my foot with his spur. I didn't bother to wash it out, but some nasty bacteria must have got in, because within a couple of hours my foot was red and painful, and I ended up being diagnosed with cellulitis.
  7. The general public already seem to believe that show bred German Shepherds are 'cripples' with their curved backs and trailing hocks. So I don't know why judges continue to reward such ugliness, and it is ugly. Surely they must know that placing dogs like this just encourages a storm of controversy. Unfortunately, if judges are rewarding animals that look and move like that, (certain) breeders are going to keep producing them.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of Franklin doing his business on nature strips and front yards. I personally hate when dog owners don't pick-up their dog poo, especially if they let their dog go to the toilet in the same place multiple times. I assume no one is picking up after Franklin?
  9. I'm wondering what's happening to all the waste Franklin produces? Then again, if he's waiting at traffic lights to cross the road, maybe he's worked out how to use the public toilets :laugh: I'm also wondering what happens if/when Franklin comes to strife and upon whose shoulders responsibility is going to fall for his care. No dog lives forever, and while it seems like he's doing okay now, I personally wouldn't want to be watching some elderly dog slowly deteriorating in health as it gimps around my neighbourhood.
  10. Our adult dogs are all fed Wellness Core. Our male has a sensitive stomach and can be hard to keep weight on. We tried him on Black Hawk and most recently, the grain free flavour from Meals For Mutts, and he dropped condition on both. Never had any issues with the Wellness Core. They maintain a nice weight with only a small amount of dry compared to what I was feeding with other brands, and their coats are always gleaming. Their kibble is supplemented with roo meat, and they get roo tails a couple times a week. Sometimes they might also get chicken necks or chicken frames to munch on. For re
  11. Our 'middle' bitch is dog reactive. She's terrified of other dogs, but her response is to behave aggressively towards them. It's even worse if the other dog reacts to her. Once the dog is past, she either tries to climb into my skin, or tries to bolt in the opposite direction. We've always had dogs, and I've never had a dog like this before. Personally, I really hope I never have another dog like this again. Just a walk around the block can be a challenge, as you always have to be vigilant. Going to the vet's is a nightmare. We don't even attempt to sit in the waiting room with her. I'm em
  12. There's an article I read just now that says the sitter's name is 'Tim' and his son's name is Sean.
  13. Ares will 'give me a kiss' (although sometimes it's more like a black eye :laugh: ). He also taught himself how to play doggy soccer. He will hold a ball or toy in his mouth, and at the same time, push a ball around on the ground. You tell him 'hit it' and he will either use his paw or his nose to guide the ball to you.
  14. When you have multiple dogs running together, you also have to watch that other dogs don't jump in if a fight does break out. First thing we had to do when our bitches started fighting, was to grab our male and get him out of there. Otherwise, he would get stuck into one of the girls (usually whoever I was holding for some reason), and just escalate things even further.
  15. Our two bitches fight if they are together. Originally, they got along very well. Our 'middle' bitch Nike, is not quite right in the head. She's reactive with other dogs and seems to have a lot of difficulty in reading other dogs' body language. Eos meanwhile, has quite a dominant, almost bullying personality. I think Nike was a little over a year when the two of them had their first fight. They went back to being friends after that for a while, and then they had several more fights. The fights while fairly terrifying to watch and listen to, really didn't cause all that much damage (Nike had
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