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  1. Hi guys, I am a training psychologist interested in working with dogs for animal-assisted therapy. I am looking into a few dog training courses and found ones with NDTF and Delta. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences about which course is better/ more comprehensive for this area? NDTF seems to be more promising based on the course descriptions (plus it seems cheaper and shorter??) but I know Delta is a charity tuned to helping people with trained dogs. Delta is also "companion animals" not just dog training - what else do they cover? Help me! Cheers :)
  2. Ahh cool - good to know! They have heaps of other courses on there too. If you decide to do it let me know, would love to hear more about it first hand. :)
  3. Hey Fuzzy82, that was really insightful, thank you. I should look into those aspects more with NDTF. When did you graduate, and did it take you only 10 months? Dan
  4. Thanks heaps Weasles - I joined the forum today so I should and will fish through the other threads :) The diploma looks really interesting too, I'll also keep an eye on that, as animal (including human hehe) behaviour is the field of work I am studying to get into. Where is the diploma based - i.e. is it an accepted accreditation in Australia? I'd like to do some practical 'hands-on' animal/dog training experience though, and the ten months distance with NDTF is what I find appealing, rather than the 2 1/2 years with Delta, as I mostly want to learn how to train dogs to use in animal-assisted therapy. Plus, I just want to learn how to train dogs in its own right ;) But I have some time to do a comprehensive look into the two, before I make any decisions. Thanks for all your help :) Dan
  5. Thanks so much guys, that is helpful so far. I have a long journey ahead - and thanks Panzer Attack, I will def PM you when I can think of some good questions to ask! Much appreciated :) Dan