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  1. Tradie Attacked By 3 Dogs

    Fair point. I missed that somehow.
  2. Tradie Attacked By 3 Dogs

    Everyone kind of missed my point. Arguing it is the wrong breed - whatever. The dogs involved were staffy-like. The general public doesn't really respond to the argument that they were not "Staffies" and they were actually "Staffy-Like" or "Staffy Crosses". My only point was that previously tabloid-style sites would default to the snarling aggressive stock image. They're still getting the breeds wrong (maybe) but the key difference is they are now no longer giving the readers false impressions of the breed, they are specifically including a friendly photo. Focusing on the reporting of the wrong breed etc is kind of detracting from the discussion that should be taking place - encouraging responsible dog ownership.
  3. Tradie Attacked By 3 Dogs

    Some dog owners just don't deserve dogs. Previously involved in an attack on the owners property and they then let a tradie in without restraining the dogs? If nothing was done after the first attack (in terms of resolving the aggressive behaviour) then the owner needs to be charged. On a different note this is probably one of the first times I've seen a newspaper use a neutral to positive photo: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/hills-shire-times/tradie-mauled-by-three-dogs-at--kenthurst-in-horror-attack/news-story/300049d80783eb76e57a248b30d8f9ba
  4. Controlled Barking, Does It Work?

    What is controlled barking? I've obviously been out of training for too long.
  5. Huskies: Fur. End of story. Behaviour wise after my first I don't find them extremely challenging but they're certainly a handful for first time owners.
  6. Where To Get Raw Food From?

    World for Pets is definitely the place to go. Huski put us onto them and they're well worth the drive. If you're getting heaps order it in advance though and then they box it for you. Way easier.
  7. Where To Buy Raw ?

    http://www.instincto.com.au/ Bought a bunch from them. Duck frames, Roo tail, Roo side, Mullet. Few other things but I can't remember. Pretty decent value and good quality raw food. Not dirt cheap but not to expensive either. I think I spent about $200 and it'll last our 2 raw eaters 3 months minimum with the non-raw eater getting bones every now and then.
  8. Feeding 101 (or What Is Correct?)

    We have one fussy dog. When he first came we had to mix sardines in his kibble. He would eat the sardines and leave the kibble. Once we moved to earthborn (I think that's the name of it) he wolfed it down. It is a super premium so rather exxy though.
  9. Obedience Dvds

    Yep, I use Ed and Leerburg interchangeably. I love Michael Ellis, he is great.
  10. Obedience Dvds

    I'm not a big fan of any DVD that actually has Leerburg in it. I feel the Leerburg DVDs I purchased were the most wasteful dog related products I've bought. The Michael Ellis ones are pretty good though.
  11. Ditto to this. Our dogs probably see our vet once every year or two, excluding Gizmo because he never has any issues requiring the vet. We're probably at the vet on average once every 1-3 months for any number of our animals so don't really need the "annual checkup" type system.
  12. I used to take my two dog model one to the pub after work, we'd have contests on who could withstand the highest levels for certain periods of time to determine who bought the next round. It was quite normal to have no winner.
  13. The only one of my dogs to be okay with the vibrate was my working dog - all of our other dogs are scared shit less of it.
  14. Bloody Snakes!

    RBBS will active chase away Eastern Browns - you're better off having RBBS around than browns. Also baby RBBS are independent from birth, so one doesn't necessarily mean more, they're born at around 10-15cm and leave the nest almost immediately.
  15. Working Breed Puppies

    I've seen lines of labs bred specifically for scent detection. They were pretty intense, and they were rigs. Almost pure muscle. I don't like that look but they were in insanely good shape.