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  1. Breeder Unhappy With My Questions

    They normally do before they let you take the pup!! ^
  2. Breeder Unhappy With My Questions

    As PP states, your post history makes it easy to figure out the breeder. Also, I do not talk about cost at all until the breeder brings it up.
  3. Wonder if he has special methods of training greyhounds to sit as well! :p
  4. The Warmth Behind Our Knees

    So very sorry for your loss.
  5. Poodle Thread

    There are some good images of standies done in a bedlington clip: http://www.myspace.com/adogsdomain/photos/47943755 http://s286.photobucket.com/user/windywaycavaliers/media/Atlanta%20Pet%20Fair%202009/Apf2009salon080.jpg.html As a Bedlington enthusiast, I think they look fantastic and just pondering the feasibility on a friend's toy poodle.
  6. Poodle Thread

    Hi Poodle lovers, Just wondering if anyone on here has used a Poodlington clip on their smaller poodles? I have seen it only on standards and was wondering how it might work on the toy and miniature categories.
  7. Greyhounds

    Absolutely love this. If you want to sell one, let me know!
  8. Greyhounds

    Question, have you greyhound owners started rugging your hounds when they are outside yet? I am in NSW and not sure when to start rugging Pearl when she is being walked and out in the yard. I haven't started rugging my thoroughbred horse yet, and their coats are pretty similar.
  9. Fox Rescue

    I hate fox hunting with a passion too. I also read about that incident with much sadness. The "whimpering" fox.. it broke my heart. I at least hope it may be a tool used to ban the "sport". Fox hunting with hounds is illegal here everywhere but Victoria and has been illegal in the UK since 2005. What fox hunting has to do with this thread sure beats me. If you think Strychnine baiting or trapping is a "kinder" death, think again. Quite a few dog owners struggle to contain their pet dogs. How fox owners would fare any better beats me. How is denying a wild animal territory and social interaction with other foxes "kind"??? I really like foxes (as animals, they are beautiful to watch) but I am not anti fox hunting. I do think that ethical hunt clubs in the past did a better job managing fox populations than we do today.
  10. Is This True?

  11. Auspost Has Dog Stamps!

    My post shop lady said there was only wussy, city dogs. She said she would have liked BC, SBT, kelpie, ACD, GSD
  12. Newfie Wool

    We would need 5,000 greyhounds and it would take 6,000 years x New industry-- repurpose ex racing greys for wool production. Certainly, you would get the right numbers of dogs. You just need a crazy investor and a massive farm/station.
  13. Is This True?

    Yep seems like white and fawn are the go'ers
  14. Border Collie Pics

    This is for junior handler so limit would be useless to us unless they were willing to upgrade in the future after desexing had been done.
  15. Is This True?

    On another dog forum (don't want to name here in case it violates guidelines) a poster said that blue was now the most common SBT colour. I find this hard to believe, but I jumped on the puppy listing for the breed on here and at least every second listing had blues available. I would have assumed brindle from the amount of "staffys" of that colour that turn up in pounds. Any thoughts to the validity of this? Really blows the "wowza blue SBT worth $3500" notion out of the water.