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  1. Hello photogs, Posting on the off chance that there may be someone in here from Adelaide who wouldn't mind taking a few profile photos for a rescue dog? The local breed rescue in Adelaide has recently closed and the current owner has reached out to us in VIC to assist (Arctic Rescue Victoria). We usually arrange professional photos of our dogs in VIC as we find it a huge leg up in finding a new home but don't have any personal photog contacts in Adelaide at this time. The dog is located in Adelaide hills and the owner can drive her to meet somewhere. Or alternatively if anyone knows of any professional photographers in Adelaide that do some pro-bono rescue work and could make a recommendation that would be amazing. Happy to provide more details on the dog itself if anyone thinks they may be able to assist. TIA
  2. Animal Charities Worth Donating To

    Thank you Snook! <3 Dave-O we (Team Dog) are a young charity but we have achieved a lot in our short time. Last year we kept 98 pets out of the pounds in NSW and with the families who love then, as well as providing extensive advice and support to pet owners subject to breed specific legislation and other council action. We ran two free microchipping events, and helped with low cost desexing surgery for many clients, too. We support positive and reasonable animal management and we work alongside many pounds and shelters in achieving our goals, and do a lot of advocacy work too. Funds are extremely important to what we do, and given the uniqueness of our programs we had overwhelming demand for our help in 2015. We have had to temporarily shut down financial assistance while we lay the foundations for sustainability long in to the future. Regular donations are a huge part of that and we are very appreciative of any donations people may choose to make. No pressure of course, there's so many wonderful charities around that deserve support. You can find out more about us here: Www.teamdog.com.au Www.facebook.com/theteamdog You should note that you only help people in NSW. She did say NSW. I'm in SA but still support Team Dog because I'd love to see what they do either expand to other states or be adopted by people/groups in other states. Only help not located. There's a difference. And by helping Team Dog you are not in any way assisting the formation of a similar group anywhere else. Well, it would be logical to think that they're located in the state that they help. I think that the more support that Team Dog get, the more they can do to help people and pets and the more that word will get out about them. The more people who are aware of what they do, the greater the chance of someone realising it can be done and wanting to initiate something similar in their own state. Even if that never happens, I still love the work that they do and will continue to support them. I'm in VIC and Mel has also provided the rescue I work with with advice, where she can. Things like possible avenues to try, approaches that might work when reasoning with council. Just having someone who is experienced and confident in negotiating with councils who we can contact is useful. I have also donated to them even though I live interstate. Just my 2c. I'll be checking out some of the other charities also mentioned in this topic as well, I hadn't heard of a number of them.
  3. Please Delete

    Bummer. I have the same issue with my fences. Luckily my landlord/agents just don't give a rats at all so I can have my dogs inside and I have borrowed temp fencing panels and built a dog run for my current foster Again depending on how tight finances are, sometimes shelters offer 'hardship' discounts for short/medium term boarding. I'm not familiar with the QLD shelters unfortunately, but in VIC we have 4 or so in metro Melb that offer free or heavily subsidised boarding. I'd contact RSPCA and ask them. Also the lady who runs SHAMROQ works at AWL so would be a good person to potentially ask about that as she would most likely have knowledge of any similar schemes in QLD. I can get in touch with her directly for you if you'd like?
  4. Please Delete

    Not sure how much they could afford to spend but they might be able to buy/rent some temporary fencing to create a dog run or block problem areas of the fence. I did a quick gumtree search around Brisbane and there are quite a few listings. $25 per panel is pretty reasonable; although this wire is not as strong as welded mesh. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yatala/building-materials/temporary-fencing-fence-in-dogs-create-a-chicken-coop/1092884375 If they can run the pen along a side of the house then you only need half as much fencing and can make a decent sized dog run. Second hand chicken wire or avery mesh is good for dig-proofing if needed. Alternatively, can they leave the dog inside when they aren't home?
  5. Please Delete

    They could contact the local Husky rescue for help. http://www.shamroq.org.au/ Not sure if they will be able to help as most rescue organisations never have enough foster carers, but it's worth a try.
  6. Fagan Park (syd) Frequenters, In Here Please

    Just checked street view... looks like you'll need a ladder...
  7. Fagan Park (syd) Frequenters, In Here Please

    There are gates that shut cars out on both entrances, the Carrs rd one I don't think you can get through after hours. I think at the main entrance on Arcadia Rd you can walk around the gates, I don't remember high fencing. Maybe check google street view? There could be a low fence though so I'm not 100% sure sorry. ETA sorry posted at same time as MM.
  8. Photograhers

    Gertrude I'll PM you, probably later in the day if that is OK. No problems :) If you get a better offer I won't be offended either :)
  9. Photograhers

    awww thanks Leah
  10. Photograhers

    I would love to come, and I could bring my camera. I have not taken photos of an event like that before though so I am not sure mine would be calendar quality. Normally I only take photos of one or two dogs. I am not a professional, just a hobbyist. Also, I might get distracted by Airedales... 'cos I looooove them.
  11. Snuggle Pods

    Mine is Toffee Apple Red Microsuede, if you get this colour NEVER wash it with anything you don't want pink/red. Even after a year and a half it's still turning my stray socks pink! :laugh: The first time I saw a snuggle pod was a photo with a lab snuggled up in one so larger size dogs can definitely fit if they are the snuggling/burying type. Mine try to 'dig' in it to put the foam in just the right spots to make it comfy but you can't tell, there is no marks on it at all. If it gets dirty the red cover comes off and goes in the wash. If it gets really dirty or some kind of liquid soaks through it then the red cover goes for a wash and the inside foam cover goes for a wash too whilst the foam lives in a box. The only negative is that the foam can get a bit lumpy sometimes but I think that is unavoidable without using beans like in a bean bag, and overall the foam is so much easier to deal with than beans.
  12. Snuggle Pods

    I have one, my two don't go in it, but they love to sit on it. More convenient for washing than the beanbag they had previously. For size comparison, my husky is on the larger size for husky's and he cannot curl very tightly, he still has plenty of room to sit on it. In it would be quite tight, my female can curl tighter and she can get in there. Both my husband and my sister have managed to squish their entire selves into it (not at the same time). It is very well made, they aren't gentle with it and it doesn't show any wear and tear, I've had it for about a bit over a year and a half now. It's fun to put squeaky toys in the middle and watch them find the opening and get them out :)
  13. Spoony, I think your photos are great, you definitely have natural talent. If you are considering making a career of pet photography, Charlotte and Ruth are running a workshop aimed at people exactly like you http://zoomiesworkshop.com.au/ There is one spot left in Brisbane, it's likely they won't run another workshop. As an added bonus Kaylee from Dog Breath Photography is coming over from the US to be the guest teacher too
  14. Husky And Vacuuming

    "anything a cat can do, I can do better" Said every husky that ever lived :D
  15. Spitz Breeds