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  1. What I dont get is why and how people think its not going to happen to their pets in tick season (and this year is particularly bad). I was not tick aware over 12 months ago when I was living in paralysis tick country. I was using a tick collar. The first one I used was the Kiltix brand and had no issues, but I changed to another brand and my dog got a tick. My morning routine was to let her out and watch her run around the yard. That morning when I let her out she slowly went down the stairs (very wobbly) and after she did her business she came back up and sat, she would not go back down the
  2. I have a black german shepherd, she is the old style straight back. And she is my big baby. NO she doesnt compete in any shows or anything. But she is the best watch and home dog I have ever owned. She even likes my cat. I have no issues with this breed and my only concern is for the poor dogs that I have seen in some shows that can barely walk because they have been bred like this. I would much rather a working line shepherd. It has been very interesting to read the comments for the arguements for and against the roach back. I am not a breeder, and do not show or do agility or any of the ot
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