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  1. Sporn Halter

    Here is the Sporn Halter operation for anyone interested:
  2. Sporn Halter

    Thank you, I thought that must have been the case :)
  3. Sporn Halter

    But how does it reduce the pulling tendency without applying aversive pressure with the potential of pain for the dog to back out from pulling, or is that what it does.........ultimately no diffent than a prong collar except that the aversive action of the device is applied elsewhere on the dog's body to create a 'no pull" result?
  4. Sporn Halter

    I get what it is thanks...........so what does it actually do to warrant the use of it? If you get what it is then why are you asking? I understand how it attaches to the dog, but I don't understand how it works as a training tool, perhaps you could explain that too if you don't mind please?
  5. Sporn Halter

    I get what it is thanks...........so what does it actually do to warrant the use of it?
  6. Sporn Halter

    The harness is used in some dogs when forward motion is required without causing a self collar correction and reducing drive. A dog in drive will pull harder on a harness than they will on a collar, the reason I don't understand why anyone would recommend a harness over a collar to train a loose leash walk?
  7. Sporn Halter

    Can't say in all honesty that I have seen trainers who support the use of check chains, prongs and ecollars supporting the use of harnesses as a walking tool.......just responding to Nekhbet's comment who I understand is a practicing dog trainer?
  8. Sporn Halter

    I thought harnesses and halters were an expression of proof used by positive trainers that they don't support collar corrections. Trainers who recommend the use of harnesses and halters like clockwork I have noticed will have their anti check chain, prong, and shock collar section explaining the potential negative effects of inhumane training tools?. I may be wrong in this assumption but harnesses and halters seem to go hand in hand with positive training methods
  9. I think half the problem people encounter with high drive GSD's is sticking one in the backyard period. They are a companion animal who need to fulfill that role and live with their human pack is more the size of it. I have an extremely high drive working line GSD laying at my feet snoozing and another laying in the hallway as I make this post. The right environment for a GSD IMHO is allowing them to be with you.........when the drive kicks in to create nuisence behaviour is separation from their pack.......a GSD is not a good breed to stick in the back yard and provide it with minimal training and behavioural coaching........but is any dog really?
  10. Best Collars And Leads?

    Are you worried about leads and collars breaking and your dog getting loose? Leather leashes with a brass swivel won't break and fursaver long link chain collars are super strong.
  11. Puppy Peed On Couch, Now Thinks Its A Potty :(

    That's the right approach to teach them from what I have ever learned, but you have to watch them and be right on it and grab them just as they start to squat and take them outside. If he's messing the couch up, keep him off it for the time being.
  12. Very wise words Snook, you can never fix reactive dogs 100% and in the right circumstances with enough pressure they will revert to their default reactive behaviour. Although vast improvement can be made, a bit like an alcoholic I guess, you can't expose them to the demon freely without being mindful of the potential consequence. You can set a reactive dog back faster than you improved them from a real trigger situation......knowing the triggers to avoid is good practice :)
  13. Colour-coded Collars To Designate Temperament

    People talk about loose dogs rushing up and even leashed dogs making a nuisence of themselves and I never really have that problem or believed it to be an issue.......walking GSD's people tend to keep their dogs away from us, cross the road or gather up their loose dogs, but I took a neighbours Spaniel X for walk around our area a few times when they were on holidays and the loose dogs and people with their uncontrolled leashed dogs wanting to say hello were a pain in the butt. I had a young Boxer taking a lady for a walk rush up and jump on this this poor Spaniel's head and knocked her over, a Cattle dog who the lady leashes when she sees me coming with my GSDs, stands there like a stunned mullet watching her dog barking and posturing at this little Spaniel, it was a problem and the owners of these dogs didn't seem to care too much what their dogs were doing, I was shocked how bad it was?
  14. Unusual Names

    I was contemplating a litter a couple of months ago a "B" litter........my daughter said "how awesome" could we choose his kennel name and call him "Brax" after one of her River Boy favorites on Home and Away :D
  15. Stopped A Dog Attack This Morning...

    I totally agree, except, what are they going to do when the dog's owner and residence is unknown?