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  1. How Much Should Puppy Eat?

    Have you wormed her? You say she is a barrell
  2. New Puppy Owner: Show Off You New Bubba ^_^ V

    More pics of Summer
  3. Crate Training

    i have a wall clock in my room that even i can hear- and all my dogs sleep in my room- the 3 adults SOUNDLY!!! Summer is a lot better
  4. Summer Is Launching To Nip

    "If you have a pup who goes into drive when mouthing, be aware that they get chemical rewards in their brain at that point so simply ignoring them or redirecting them will often not work. I see this most often in the gundog and herding breeds. " So help me out here- i have a gundog and she will be in the showring- i dont want her to be aggressive in the future.............
  5. Summer Is Launching To Nip

    i am just swapping my arm/body part for a toy at this stage, and saying buh or uh uh
  6. Crate Training

    She is doing a bit better- but she still doesnt sleep very long. I have found the crate cover to be a good idea as she seems to settle better in the dark.
  7. New Puppy Owner: Show Off You New Bubba ^_^ V

    Periau - details please! Name: Summer Sex: Female DOB: 30th June 2008 Age: 9.5 weeks Colour: Red & White Breed: Irish Red and White Setter Hobbies: Loves: Her Irish setter playmates Hates: being in her crate
  8. Summer Is Launching To Nip

    u can only imagine
  9. New Puppy Owner: Show Off You New Bubba ^_^ V

    This is my new addition- "Summer".
  10. Summer Is Launching To Nip

    Yaye- i think i did it
  11. Voltaren Ingested.

    My young kelpie x ate 2 sheets of my anti inflammatories a few weeks ago- we gave her salt water to make her vomit and most of them came up. The vet said plenty of fluids to flush her out- hope your dog is ok
  12. Summer Is Launching To Nip

    how do i post a pic? she got near our face as we leant over to detach her from our trousers