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  1. 8 months and then 6 months - almost to the day. Her mum and nana were over 12 months before they had theirs. I am pretty sure she was the first of her litter mates to come in season.
  2. Funny I heard this saying just the other week, no way their pup was a runt - but it certainly was one of the smallest pups, that has now grown bigger than some of the others in the litter.
  3. I dated a guy with the most amazing Doberman named Boss (the dogs names was Boss not the guy lol) He was such a cool dog and it suited him to a T. I also dated a guy who's German Sheppard was named Waldo, he clearly didn't think about the park test until he was at the park, almost too embarrassed to call it's name Other names that I've liked for horses/dogs Cash Kip Cooper
  4. I've used Technyflex with great results, along with Bowen therapy.
  5. My girl had terrible car sickness, hated the car (picture each leg going different directions to stop me from her from getting in) I had to gradually build up the time spent in the car. It did take about 10 months before she decided the car was fun and we haven't had vomit for the longest time. But I haven't taken her on any long trips (over 40 minutes). Sounds like you're taking things slowly, fingers crossed it wont be long and she'll be running to the car for a ride
  6. When we bought our girl I'd spoken to the breeder on the phone and completed a questionnaire. We were sent information and photos of the puppies and the breed. Prior to paying a deposit we were asked to bring the family to meet the breeder (& pups) and were told that until that meeting we were still not guaranteed and pup nor did we have to purchase one if we felt unhappy with anything. We were told after that the breeder, in the past, has turned some families away if she didn't feel it would be a good fit. 12 months on I have had amazing support and advice from our breeder. They even
  7. Our local vet recommends that if people are putting pictures on Facebook, where the dog is to be kept at the vets overnight as it's too late to call the pound, that you don't put which vets it is until the morning. People have been known to break into vet clinics to get their dogs back (or steal someone else's dog)
  8. Oh that drives me batty too. I will normally phone the council or take dogs to the vet if I find them. BUT the last time that I did I had a heap of people telling me to cancel the ranger as they knew who the dog belonged to. This dog had been sighted the evening before running up a busy road, again that morning and was terrorising families trying to play at the park. I had no where safe to contain the dog, I didn't want to risk my dog by putting it in with her and I was not willing to hand the dog over to just anyone. By the time I saw all the messages saying to cancel the ranger, the dog h
  9. I've no idea but just wanted to say Uggggh. I totally feel for you being pregnant, what a lot of work
  10. I did see something where they had PVC pipe on a wire sitting above the top of the fence - so it rolls every time the dogs try to get over it. Our old neighbour had a kelpie that would jump over really tall wooden fences like they were knee high. They tried putting wire at the top coming into the yard (sort of 45 degree up & back into the yard if that makes sense) not sure if that worked 100% as we moved not long after they did this.
  11. Kong on sale you said? Where, when, how???? :laugh: Best Friends Pet Stores, the Kong Rep happened to be in the store and told me there will be a sale on all kong products starting July 1
  12. A Deluxe dining station, picking it up tomorrow, but it's going away for her birthday on the 6th of next month. I am waiting until the beginning of next month when the kong toys come on sale, there are a few things I have my eye on for her birthday as well. I did get some rubber mats to go under her crate & a hessian mat to go in the crate under the snooza - it looks so cosy in there now
  13. Loving the updates, how great that it's all coming together for you guys
  14. My Golden is not what I'd call high energy, she loves getting out for a walk but 30 - 45 minutes is enough & she will want to have a lie down (she is only 11 months so this may change?). She's not too phased if we miss a day (or two) as long as she gets some mental stimulation. Her mum is energetic and really wants the walks, one of her brothers is very much like her. She's a very easy dog to live with. The breeder knew the type of dog we were after and I think matched us up beautifully. I think there are so many variations within the litter, find a good breeder who knows their pups, I
  15. Maybe look at indoor arenas for horse riding. Of course you'd not want to go whilst the horses are in there, but the surfaces are wonderful for that sort of thing
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