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  1. I spoke to the vet on Saturday morning as no one got any sleep Friday night due to the howling. He has prescribed Gabapentin, a mild sedative/painkiller. He also said to stop crating her but she needs confinement. I set a camera up in the laundry and she is still pacing (even with our other, very chilled dog locked in there with her), but then settles down. I have to work, so am paying someone to come and take them out for about 30mins each day. I won’t get a second opinion just yet, I do trust in my vet and they are familiar with hound breeds. @Papillon Kisses I had a look at that website. I love the idea of hydro therapy, but they are such a long way away for us (we are in the Highlands), I will see if there is something closer. I am making myself sick worrying about her and my hubby and I are arguing about how to manage her, it’s becoming such a strain already and it’s only the beginning of week 1. I am just hoping she gets use to the confinement and settles down to heal.
  2. Hello everyone We have a 6 month old Whippet and she is has injured her cruciate and we are just devastated. Has anyone had anything similar happen to such a young dog? What were your outcomes? We have her crated now, which breaks my heart as we did not crate train her, and she is constantly crying. I gave her toys and a Kong full of peanut butter and dog biscuits to keep her entertained and as of next week I have someone coming once a day to let her out on a lead to have a break in the yard. What else can I do? I have seen that you can get a brace for their leg, but our vet did not mention anything about doing any like that. Just basically keep her extremely quiet and confined for at least 2 weeks and weekly visits to the vet to monitor. She said if she doesn’t show an improvement in a week that it will need further investigation with x-rays etc.
  3. My two have their choice of beds in the kitchen and they are locked in their at night. Summer and winter they are in there. They are rarely invited onto the bed for cuddles in the morning and that is it. They are IG's so they are on you the whole time you sit on the lounge, or are doing things around the house, so they do not join us in bed too. As much as they would like to, it does not happen.
  4. Why do you say soft crates are hotter. I use a soft crate and it has pretty much floor to ceiling mesh on 5 of the 6 sides. I put both my IGs in it. They don't go in the back back though, I put them on the backseat with an a/c vent in front of them. Never seen them pant in the car and they have been out in some super hot days too.
  5. I have 2 Iggys so getting them to go on wet grass is impossible. One of them is not to bad, but the older one, I think her eyes are floating. I think she has been holding on for 2 days. I do have a puppy potty and the puppy pads for them, so they have something to use.
  6. Hello, I am new! I do have to inform you all that IGGY's are the cutest of them all ;) My gorgeous girl Cienna And the princess Vespa More about them in the Italian Greyhound thread.
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