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  1. My boy had panosteitis when he was young. His pain episodes could start without and trigger and he did grow out of it. He had X-rays done and diagnosis was made by a specialist.
  2. My girl has a sensitive gut and does best on advance Turkey and rice. It is targeted for small breeds as the kibble is small but it works for her!
  3. I know someone that swore by a few drops of peppermint oil on her dogs collar??!! Maybe just a distraction for the dog?
  4. Just wondering what type of blower/dryer people recommend to remove undercoat?
  5. My two go into their crate roughly 5 min before I expect clients to arrive. I usually have a treat waiting in their for them and they go in happily! Might he worth trying getting him in and settled before you expect people to arrive!
  6. We don't have any flowering plants in the garden!!! This happened on a walk, on lead and on the footpath, I had to call my neighbour to pick us up as she's too heavy to carry:(
  7. Just wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with desensitization to bees. My boxer had a severe anaphalyic reaction to a bee on Wednesday, and my vet now suspects she will react the same if stung again. I'm booked in to see the dermatologist next week to discuss testing and desens, but would love to hear any personal experience (good or bad). Thanks in advance!
  8. That does seem like a lot for that type of surgery. Which area does the owner live, VIP vets in landsdale has an orthopedic surgeon that does that surgery.
  9. Not NOR but Lexie's dog grooming SOR may have the tools!
  10. My boy had two abdominal testes and his thunder shirt covered the area perfectly!
  11. I had a pup with a heart murmur, my vet did say that sometimes they can disappear, usually by 12 week check up. His didn't and we arranged an ultrasound, three out of four of his heart valves were affected and he would probably have issues later in life.
  12. I have a cav and a boxer and they get on fantastically!
  13. Sorry to hear about your girl:( pet plan does pay for this type of surgery but will only cover one claim in a 12 month period!
  14. My brother has a pure dogue and his breeder recommended royal canin giant puppy. He has grown well on this! Def need pics!!
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