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  1. There is no way to answer this question. It's just too personal. You have to feel what you feel and take one day at a time. i'm so sorry for your loss
  2. I'm at Mulbring ( in between Freemans Waterhole and Kurri) Horseshoe Beach in Newcastle is a popular dog beach
  3. The poster did say there were family issues so the time away may be unavoidable. Best not to judge
  4. Tail Runner! The have a great range of leads, harnesses, collars, pouches designed for running with your dog/s
  5. I hate them. I've never had them in our whelping box.
  6. Leo The Lion Heart. That little Poodle is a hero
  7. To the best of my knowledge no. They do not extract the eggs and fertilise them before inseminating them. They do surgical AI's (injecting semen directly into the ovaries). I do believe there will come a day when they DO IVF though
  8. Add some Kelp to his diet as well. Do this for four weeks and then take him to a specialist and try again.
  9. Thank you very much. I have been looking at lots of the breeders I must say I really like these dogs Narof. The neuter Gel is just beautiful. Love the way the black comes down round her neck. Temperament and health is the most important thing tho. I need a dog that will be good with children. I see older dogs being re homed and most say they are looking for a home with no small children. Are some lines not real good with kids or is it just that they are not used to them and the breeders don't want to risk anything happening? Do you know what co owned means? And is it a requirement for all the reg breeders to do the screening tests or is it optional? And if a dog doesn't test good is it against the rules for it to be bred with? Or do I need to be asking for test results to make sure? I'm a little biased but I'm quite partial to Nahrof myself I'm part of the Nahrof team. Gel is a gorgeous girl and we have some young members of our team that are very promising too. Co-own means the breeder stays in partnership with you owning the dog. Both the breeder and new owner's names appear on the pedigree as owners and any matings etc can only be registered if BOTH owners sign paperwork. We successfully co-own several dogs with people. These partnership generally are good, but I would want to know my breeder well before undertaking a co-ownership. In Border Collies health testing is technically optional, however, any reputable breeder would absolutely be testing and I wouldn't touch any that didn't with a 10 foot pole! In our breed I would want the parents to be tested for CL, TNS, CEA (or be clear by parentage) Hip and Elbow scored and have gonioscopy done as well. I would want to see proof of testing I would absolutely ask if the parents are health tested. The majority of puppies we breed go on to be pets, so temperament should be of the utmost importance! I hope my answers have helped. If you have any more, don't hesitate to ask
  10. Innisman Ingomar Tullacrest Start there. All are very good breeders who health test. I know the pedigrees and I happily recommend any of them. All reside in SA. Happy to answer any question you have as well. Feel free to ask
  11. Border Collies. To me they are perfect. To others they may not like the intensity. They are problem solvers and will be without a doubt far more intelligent than you. They are a challenge and they shed hair. LOTS AND LOTS OF HAIR Did I mention I love them
  12. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time together. You have chosen well, having show lessons with Luci Ellem. She is a brilliant teacher and many of us have her to thank for our success in the ring. Keep enjoying your time in the ring with your gorgeous girl
  13. Petcircle do the 12kg bag for $106.95 with free shipping :) that's where we buy our totw from. How does Stella go on it given that rosemary is considered a no-no for dogs with seizures? We're looking to stock it cheaper than that Many thanks to everyone who gave their opinion.
  14. Thanks everyone. We're looking to stock it in our shop and wanted some feedback before making a commitment.
  15. Thank you! This is the sort of feedback I'm looking for. Happy to hear some more from people. Good, bad, indifferent Thank you!
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